All Day Coconut Cake with 7-Minute Frosting

This recipe is could not even live in the same neighborhood as healthy, but it’s good and if you really enjoy a good baking PROJECT this is perfect for you.  It’s an excellent special occasion cake.  I made it for my Dad’s birthday and we’ll probably tackle it again at Christmas.

 I added the “all day” part to the title, because anyone who makes it should be prepared for that.  My cake didn’t turn out perfect, but even close to perfect was SO delicious.  My layers didn’t rise enough to cut them horizontal.  And, I didn’t skimp on getting real coconut water to use and it made all the difference.  It was kinda fun hammering a nail into the “eyes” of the coconut and shaking the juice out of it.  Then, I baked it to make the hull crack.  My dad took it and grated the coconut to sprinkle all over the outside of the frosting.

This recipe is from Alton Brown and I got it off the Food Network site.  The recipe is freakin’ long, so I won’t retype it here.


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