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Shopping, Cooking and Eating

When we shop in normal supermarkets we buy all we can.  When we shop organic, we buy all we need.

               from Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution

I was asked to share what I cook for one week, my shopping list and our cost of eating.  I think it’s important to note that I plan my meals first based on what I have on hand already, then I try to repeat ingredients in more than one meal to be able to purchase the largest quantity available for the best price.


Monday – tilapia, broccoli and roasted potatoes
have: tilapia, broccoli, seasoning
need: 5 lb. bag of potatoes

Tuesday – homemade pizza
have: ap flour, yeast, oil
need: mushrooms, red bell pepper, onion, pepperoni, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese

Wednesday – breakfast for dinner (church small group pot-luck meal), took bacon and garlic and herb buttermilk biscuits
have: uncured peppered turkey bacon, buttermilk, ap flour, butter, salt, seasonings
need: wheat pastry flour (bulk bins)

Thursday – chicken quesadillas
have: flour and wheat tortillas, chicken, corn, seasoning, corn chips, hot sauce, cumin, olive oil, green leaf lettuce
need: black beans, onion, red bell pepper, jack cheese, sour cream, tomato

Friday – out to eat with family
*This is almost always shiny food from unknown and questionable sources, but we do it each Friday because we love our family and will not be jerks about food choice toward them.

Saturday – turkey chili and cornbread
have: corn meal, eggs, buttermilk, seasoning
need: 1/2 lb. ground turkey, kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, onion, green bell pepper, diced tomatoes, tomato paste

Sunday – Mediterrainian chicken, salad and baked poatoes
have: chicken, butter, olive oil, seasonings
need: feta cheese, diced tomatoes, salad, cucumber, tomato, potatoes, sour cream

Breakfasts on hand:
steel cut oats, homemade English muffins, homemade multigrain bread, eggs, cereals, greek yogurt, granola, variety of fresh fruit
purchased: multigrain hot cereal, greek yogurt, grapefruit, oranges, bananas, granola (bulk bins)

Snacks on hand:
homemade cheese crackers, granola bars, cereal bars, yogurt, fresh fruit, nuts, cheeses, crackers, pita chips, peanut butter, almond butter
purchased: fruit

Lunches on hand:
sandwich meat, peanut butter, almond butter, jelly, green leaf lettuce, tomato, homemade multigrain bread, fresh fruit, pita chips
*we have a sandwich and some fruit a few days a week, but lunch is often leftovers from dinner

All the “need” items I purchased. I also bought some chocolate oatmeal that looked yummy (but was NOT), a huge bottle of water to drink there in the store and some coconut water to try just because I was curious.

Total cost to eat organic this week:  $64.96

And, on a not totally unrelated note I WANTWANTWANT this menu board from The Creative Mama for my kitchen.  I love that on the back of each card the ingredients are listed.  I’m pretty famous for forgetting just one, but usually very important thing for recipes I try to remember.


10 Apps That Make Life Easier

I’m sure that I was close to the last person on earth to enter the smart phone revolution.  I thought I only needed a phone until I got an Android.  It’s one of the purchases you make and then you can’t believe how you ever made it without.

When I first got my phone, it took me a while to weed through apps that were less than useful.  So, here’s my top 10 favorite apps.  I’ll leave off Angry Birds since the whole world has and loves that game.

English: Android Robot. Français : le logo d'a...

1.  Google Music – Amazing, really.  It syncs with my iTunes and makes my songs and playlists available anywhere.  I can get them from any computer and on my phone.

2. Dolphin Browser – It’s the easiest browser to use on a phone, with commands that you give by drawing shapes or letters on the screen, rather than typing or navigating through menus.

3. Tweet Deck – After trying a few interfaces for Twitter and Facebook, I love this one.  It combines the two social media giants and allows me to post to both or only one.  And, I can read all the updates from my friends in one place.

4. List Master Pro – This little app manages the “to-do’s” of life.  It’s easy and I save recurring lists, like one for groceries and work for the week.

5. HeyTell – For all those times when you cannot text (like when driving, I HOPE!), simply press a button, speak and your voice is delivered to your other friends with the app.

6. Zedge – Fun and free ringtones and wallpapers.

7. Google Maps and Google Navigation – I sold my GPS and use this to get around.  It’s voice activated, too, so I just tell it where to go and it takes me, turn-by-turn.  Also, on our recent trip to NYC, the walking and public transit directions were awesome for getting us around the city.

8. Little Piano – And because sometimes my phone doubles as a fun distraction in the grocery store, I’ll include my 2 favorites for my son.  This one is great because it has a “follow me” version for playing songs.  The keys light up.

9. Drawing Pad – I don’t pay for many apps, but this one is totally worth the $1.99.  It’s a ton of creativity and fun on a screen.  I really, really love it for tablets.

10. Vlingo – I know, it’s no Siri, but what is?  This is a great FREE voice-activated assistant for your phone.  I especially love the In Car mode that reads text messages to you and allows you to respond with your voice.

There they are.  Which ones would you add to the list?

What I’ve Learned From Being Broke: Part 3


Anyone who knows me or checks out my posts on Facebook knows that I am completely SOLD to using coupons for everything.  Yes, coupons take time.  Yes, brand loyalties have to be thrown out the window.  Yes, I had to completely change when I shopped, the way I shopped and how I planned my meals.  But, it’s all worth it.

This is what I know.  Manufacturers want you to be drawn to their products so they put out gobs of coupons.  There are very few things that you cannot find a coupon for if you are willing to do a little hunting.  The stores do NOT lose money if you give them a coupon.  They are reimbursed by the manufacturer.

I save anywhere from 40 – 65% on grocery, health/beauty and cleaning products every week because I take about 20 minutes before I shop to get organized.  Then, when I get home, I take about 5 minutes to see what stock up items I bought this week to plan meals for next week.  It found what works for me.

Jeff asked if, when we’re independently wealthy, I will go back to my old ways of shopping.  I said absolutely not.  For the small amount of trouble, there is no reason to pay retail prices again.  I get the same high saving money that I used to get spending money– and it makes me feel like such a smarty.

If you’re interested in trying it out, check out the new video tutorials on southernsavers.com There is definitely a strategy needed to save the big bucks and she’s got it!