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Happy Valentine’s Day

(This one got published before I finished it.  I put the wrong publication time in.  If you’ve read it before noon on VD, there will be more now.)

I’ll end my “love week” posts with a compilation of sweet quotes from our emails, cards and handwritten letters.  These are some of the ideals we had for our marriage and our lives together.  I think they’re beautiful, though when love is new it is not always realistic.

Feb. 17, 1999

from Jeff…

I don’t think we will EVER have a ritualistic routine, what I want to become routine for us is how we relate to each other and how open we are always with each other.  I don’t doubt for one instant that we will ALWAYS be that close.  Arguments just seem to be something that we will never encounter.  Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I really feel that we may actually never have an argument.

Feb. 21, 1999

from Jeff…

I know we’ll be happy forever, because I know there’s NO way I’m EVER gonna let anything come between my love and me.

I SO enjoy every time we talk…Let’s just never stop, ok?  I figure if we talk everyday until you get here, we can have as much time together as most couples that have been dating 6 months do.  And then, I don’t see any reason for slowing down!!  You know I’m really considering finding a way to be with you while you student teach this Fall…

Feb 23, 1999

from Mandi…

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Spring Break!  My motivation has been instantly renewed knowing that I’m coming to see you a week from this Saturday.  It’s cold and cloudy outside, but I haven’t even noticed!  I”M GOING TO SEE MY JEFFY!  I never, ever thought I’d get to see you this soon after your visit here.  This is perfect!  I love how quickly things change with us.  Every minute is a surprise.  There certainly was no reason to cry when I left you at the airport because three short weeks later I’ll be with you again (but how was I to know that?).

Feb. 26, 1999

from Mandi…

I just can’t make next Saturday get here fast enough.  I’m so ANTSY to see you.  My mind is there with you, so maybe you could do my work for me.  🙂  I’m sure I’ll be practically jumping out of my seat when we land in Anchorage knowing that my baby is standing out there waiting to wrap his arms around me.  I’ll run into them and feel complete again.  I can hardly wait to feel your hand in mind, your eyes on me, be close enough to breathe you in, experience where you live each day, talk with you face to face, watch you smile at me, touch you, feel you, build more memories, show you how much I love you, make you happy, laugh with you, be there for you in every way, make you proud, show you how proud I am of you, encourage you in all that you do, stand beside you and support your dreams, wake up in your house each morning, share small pleasures with you, share BIG pleasures with you, and be your wife.  I CAN”T WAIT!  I love you so much.

Feb. 27, 1999

from Jeff…

(this is one of my favorites)

“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder…”  I can’t wait to hear those words.  I already know them to be true, but to hear them about our marriage together in the sight of God and friends and witnesses, it will strike a chord in my heart that will echo jubilantly the rest of my days on earth.

Looking at the world around me today, I would seemingly have little to be particularly happy about.  The skies are gray, light snow falls, winter shows that it is here regardless of man’s efforts to forget it.  Shrinking into a fortress of steel, the mercury finds it better t wait out the cold.  Time eeks by, a metaphoric snail on a journey across a vast river valley.  Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Sleepy, waiting for the warmth of your smile to revive my heart and awaken me to the days of tireless activity; a new season in a new world.  One week.  Seven more days.  How is it that time feels so belligerent, so opposed to accommodating my happiness?  It is no matter.

The very thought of you, my dear….the snow stops.  A bird sings.  Drip. Drip. Drip. Ice melts from drainpipes, awakening the slumbering flowers.  The world shines a warm smile on its children.  Beaches.  Sunblock.  Crickets. Barbeques.  Fireflies.  Sunsets.  Starry nights.  Lovers share dreams over open fires and marshmallows.  The warmth brings life and love.  Happiness.

I’m glad you are coming to see me, and it’s going to be nice spending real time with you.  Though, I know, when you leave, the world becomes cold again.  Hope springs eternal; here’s to the day when we will be warm forever.

I love you, Mandi

A week later I got on a plane and had one of the most wonderful, romantic weeks of my life in cold, icy, snowy Anchorage.  Though the few days we spent together at Valentine’s Day were wonderful, something very real started during those 8 days.  It was a powerful love for each other that we couldn’t live without.  I went back to school and finished out the semester.  In May, I went back to Anchorage and spent the summer with Jeff and his family.  I worked in Anchorage.  I took a few classes at UAA.  I experienced a wonderful summer of 24 hour sunlight.  We played tennis at midnight.  We went on hikes, we drove around the area, we picniced on glaciers, we golfed on the side of mountains.  It was amazing.  The best part was that when it was time to come home, Jeff came with me.  He lived with my parents while I student taught and I got to see him on the weekends.  I graduated from college in December of 99.  Jeff moved into an apartment and I moved home and we began to have a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  Jeff got a job in Greenville and we went out on dates.  Jeff proposed on Christmas Eve of 2000 and we were married June 23, 2001.  I love our story.




February 16, 1999 – Reactions from Being “IRL” (in real life) with Jeff

Love week continues…

As I said at the beginning of “Love Week”, Jeff and I met on Valentine’s Weekend 1999.  I don’t have any emails or chats from those days obviously because we were IRL–in real life–and that was necessary.  We’d done enough typing in the past month and a half.  

This is an excerpt from my first email to Jeff after he returned home, after what was a dream became what was real.  

Hello my precious boy!

I want to write some things out in words just to make sure that you know them:

My heart skipped a beat when I saw you walk up in the airport.  I didn’t really feel nervous at all about seeing you (total lie there, Mandi) because I knew you already.  I knew I loved you and I knew exactly what you would be like.  I knew I was about to meet my husband–so, when I saw you coming towards me I could do nothing but smile at you and hold you close and thank the Lord for bringing you to me.

Though our first kiss was admittedly awkward, it was still so sweet the way that you instantly closed the door to Jason’s room and took me in your arms for that kiss.  I that we got much better at it quickly.  🙂  Don’t you?

Looking at your face makes me feel peaceful.  It is such a comfort.  I think you have a beautiful face.  I love to just sit and watch you talk.  It mesmerizes me to watch your expressions change as you move through a story, and I love it when I enter into something and a sweet smile spreads across your face.  I love it when you glance over at me and grin.  There were some looks that I just claimed as mine.

I was so proud to introduce you to everyone that I knew as well as walk across campus with you, showing you off to people that I don’t even know.  I like the way that you hold yourself–confident, but not overly confident.  In my opinion, everything about you is just right, especially for me.  I expect to get some questions about who you are in the next few days from people that have seen us together.  I’ll proudly tell them that you are the love of my life.

Thank you for giving me three incredible days.  I think it will be enough to hold me over until the summer. (We didn’t wait that long to see each other again.  I flew to AK for my Spring Break in early March, not even a month later.)  I have a ton of things in my heart now to tell me that we are real.  For now, I can live with that easily.

I love you with all that I have in me.



Mandi says “I love you”

Love week continues…

This is my response from our chat on January 30. 1999 (sometime around midnight).  It amazes me to read and re-type this and it makes me a little sad.  Neither of us would say anything like this anymore.  My prayer every day is that walls break down and we find our way back to a place that feels like this.


I want to share a quote with you from a book I read recently:

I wish I could have you close your eyes for this, but given the nature of the conversation that’s not really possible.  So, with the same peace that comes when you close your eyes and listen to me talk, read these words:

“We all long to tingle with the sensation that this one person has been created for our pleasure and our life’s happiness…this person who is God’s truest and purest expression of his love for us through another human being.”

This in one statement is my standard of that special relationship.  When a person personifies God’s love without even trying…makes me better spiritually and in all parts of who I am, that’s when I’ll know.

I want to explain how I feel about you through a kind of different way…

I have always been fascinated with artwork…both creating it and admiring it.  Meeting and knowing you has been like looking at a painting.  I walk through a museum and there are tons of different paintings around me…some I kinda like, some catch my attention, some I pass by without a glance…some I spend too long looking at because there may be things I’ve missed.  But then there is always one that I find that stands out to me…that inspires me, that I’m passionate about.  I see it and glance at it from far away…know right off that it’s some that I like and appreciate.  But, then I have to get closer, and start looking at the details–how it was created, how the colors are used, the techniques.  I stand far away to take in the entire feel of it.  But then as I get closer I realize just how beautiful it is.  I stand amazed at it.  I look at the price and it’s nothing that I could ever afford…it could only be given to me as a gift maybe.  But I know, the more I look at it and the more I take it in, that I not only like it…but that it was something that I would like to have painted myself.

You were like that.  I first met you and know I liked you, but the more time I spent getting to know you the more I liked you and the more I know that you were everything I could ever ask for in another human being.  I could never ask for you to be mine.  I would never deserve someone as perfect and beautiful as you, but that’s just the perfect part of it.  That’s when you know someone is special–when you know you are truly not good enough and that the happiness that they could bring would be more than you deserve.  That’s why love is a gift.  You are truly the most wonderful person I have ever met and looking at those words typed seems so inadequate for who you are, but I’m limited to words because I can’t look at you to tell you how I feel.  Yes, I do love you.  I knew when I did and I knew when you did and it was the same time.  You can assume whatever you want.  🙂