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Those of you that know me, know that I’ve been itching to hear Carter say a word ON PURPOSE.  When I took him for his 12 month checkup, the doctor freaked me out when she said he should be saying 3 words by that point.  He wasn’t saying any!  She seemed concerned that he was being so quiet during his appointment.  She said, “We won’t start worrying now (right, easy for her to say), but by 15 months I want 6 words out of him.”  So, I was already doing everything my teachery self could do to expose Carter to plenty of language, but I really kicked it into high gear at that point.  But as he passed the 14-month mark on Oct. 28, there was nothing more than a few random “MaMa”‘s and “DaDa”‘s here and there.  This one, however, I count.

I haven’t been able to capture him saying “MaMa” or “DaDa”, but last night I was feeding him pieces of penna pasta for dinner and each time I would put a piece in his mouth I would say, “pasta” very quietly.  Then, all of a sudden he started repeating it!  Granted, he couldn’t quiet get out the “st” blend, so it sounded more like “pa Pa”, but it he FOR SURE was trying to repeat the word that I was saying.  I was elated!  Before that, he would just give us a sweet smile when we asked him to say a word.  I probably sat there for about 5 minutes before I thought “GRAB THE CAMERA!”.  The little drumming sound that you hear in the middle of the clip is my dad drumming his fingers on the window trying to get Carter’s attention.  He didn’t know we were capturing a momentous occasion on video.