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Lines, Coffee and Updates

I went right after breakfast this morning to vote.  Even at my little voting location in the country, there was a line at 9:00.  After voting, I met my friend Robin at Starbucks to enjoy our free coffee.  On the way home, I went by 3 voting locations and I was so proud of everyone.  They were all PACKED.  Cars were parked on the sidewalks, in the grass and lines were wrapping around the buildings.  It was a beautiful site.  No matter what your stand or who you’re voting for, at least people care enough to get off their couches and cast their vote.  As someone who went right down to the wire with deciding on who to vote for, it’s really been interesting to watch and listen to others about this election and these candidates.  Although I’m a mere 31 years old, I’ve never seen my country so polarized over two presidential candidates.  More than I worry about the future of the country under the control of a new president, I worry about the reaction of my country when the decision is finally made.  Will their be angry people acting out on their emotions?  Will everyone be able to find peace with the decision that the people make?Voting Carter

On a separate note, I think my mother knows how I feel about her drinking.  I decided to talk to my father about it on Monday.  I wanted to let him know that I thought she was over the top with her drinking, that I thought she was harming her body and that I have a big problem with it going on in the presence of my son.  I told him that there will be a point when I ask her to choose if it continues to go on.  Well, he either said something to her about it or she found my blog.  I kind of doubt she’d find my blog.  I don’t know if she knows what a blog is, really.  Last night Mom and Dad kept Carter while we went to our staff meeting.  When I went to pick him up at 9:30, she was drinking a bottle of water and she didn’t appear to be drunk in the least.  I felt such a huge sense of relief.  I don’t know if we’re out of the woods yet, but I can be thankful for progress in any form.

Jeff doesn’t often remember his dreams, but this morning he did.  He got him, took his shower and my alarm went off as he was getting out.  He said, “I had a dream last night”.  I was intrigued so I woke up and listened up.  He had a dream that I divorced him.  My parents knew about it, his parents knew about it and several other people that we’re close to knew that I was going to divorce Jeff.  In the dream, I just sort of dumped the news on him.  He protested and he tried to talk me out of it, but I wouldn’t change my mind.  To make things worse, our families had already arranged for him to marry someone else and they sprang this on him at the same time.  It was one of those dreams that feels real and it hurt him.  He wanted a hug before he left for work.  I was pretty touched by the whole thing.


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