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Who I am when I am at my worst does not define who I am.

Just because I struggle with faith does not make me faithless.

Just because I struggle with eating does not make me fat.

Just because I get frustrated at my son does not make me a bad mother.

Just because I get sad does not make me depressed.

Just because I’m cold does not mean I’m heartless.

Just because I struggle with my marriage does not make me a terrible wife.

Just because I write does not make me a social outcast.

Just because I am quiet does not mean I have nothing to say.

Just because I smile doesn’t mean I’m always happy.

Just because I don’t always feel pretty does not make me ugly.

There’s more to me.  There’s more to you.


I'm Going Under

I’ve been writing for a while.  It’s such therapy for me.  But, I got tired of censoring what I wrote because of who I am.  I couldn’t take the not knowing and the blog stalkers and the “I-know-your-life-because-I-read-your-blog” people.  What I write isn’t all of me, it’s just all of me that I want to reveal.  Blogging ME painted a very incomplete picture and very simply I’m hoping that writing without worrying about that picture will be much more of what I know it can be… for me and maybe for you, too.  I don’t think we need a bio here, lets just get down to business and learn as we go.