Evan at 9 months

Evan is the baby that makes other people want to have more babies.  Aside from being painfully cute, he has a smile for everyone.  His blue eyes are honest and look right through you.  His dimples make you think he’s up to something, which he usually is.  He’s incredibly curious about the world around him, a quality that I know will serve him well throughout his life.

He’s eager to walk.  I wondered if that would happen with a second child, seeing his older brother exploring and moving freely.  Within two weeks, he went from screaming his head off when he would topple over onto his stomach, to sitting himself up, to scooting across the floor, to crawling, to pulling himself up to stand, to taking steps with a little help on the balance front.  Yes, we’re revisiting the childproofing issue.  Thankfully, we never really got around to un-childproofing as Carter got older.

He got 2 teeth at 6 months, then went 3 months with no more.  Finally, as he crossed over the 9 month mark, two more appeared front and center.  Then, days later, two more beside those.  This is good, as baby food just isn’t cutting it for Mr. 96th Percentile.  He’s definitely interested in eating everything at this point, though he isn’t allowed a good bit of it yet.

Evan completes our family.  He makes me feel like a crazy person for ever having the thought that we shouldn’t have another child.  Carter is becoming more and more loving towards him.  I think he’s going to be an amazing big brother to Evan, teaching him all he knows.  For now, we’re trying to teach Carter the difference between admiration and imitation.  It’s only cute for babies to act like babies.  Big brothers have the important job of being a good example.


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