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Guilty Pleasures

I suppose it’s been since my teenage years that I’ve adopted guilty pleasures into my life.  Some people laugh at them, but I think they’re absolutely necessary.  Of course I’m not talking something immoral, just a FUN thing in your life that you can lose yourself in for pieces of time.  It takes you away from reality just long enough to get that good, calm feeling in your head and then you’re free to return.

I know this started in high school.  As far as I’m concerned, this first one is the hardest to admit and the most ridiculous.  In high school I was completely crazy about smutty romance novels.  The ones that are around 4.99 in WalMart with the covers where most of the males look like Fabio and the women have hair swirling all around them.


Tom Miller Painting

Image by anoldent via Flickr

(This one is particularly hilarious.) Generally, they are entangled with each other in some fashion.  Yep, I could devour one of those books in a matter of days.  I’m not sure when I finally abandoned that one, but I’m happy to report that I moved on.  No doubt my time spent with them helped shape what I thought a good relationship was supposed to be like back then.  Lawdhavemercy.








Since then there have been TV series that have filled the “guilty pleasures” bill:


Beverly Hills, 90210 (season 1)

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Beverly Hills 90210 in late high school and early college.











The regular cast: Foreman, Grunberg, Johnson, ...

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Yes, Felicty.  I watched every episode and loved it.  A while back I tried to find all the episodes on DVD and failed.












Dawson's Creek

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I got onto this one pretty late.  I was married when I started watching this on TBS.  But, I’m sure I got every episode at least twice.  I bought the soundtracks.  I even got Jeff to watch most of it with me.





Sex and the City

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Sex in the City was an awesome show.  Loved it, loved the movies.






Twilight Saga

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But there is no doubt in my mind that my current guilty pleasure has gone the deepest.  Again, I got in late on this one.  Last summer a friend brought me all 4 novels in a bag.  I devoured these delicious novels in about 2 weeks.  Mind you, each one is 700 – 1000 pages.  But they are wonderful.  Each one of them was so wonderful.  I love the giddy and hopeful places that I went while I read them.  I know that carried over into I feel like the movies make the stories seem much more silly and “teenagery” than the story plays out in the books.  I found myself wondering several times why these books were marketed as “Young Adult” novels, because the story was so much more than teen romance.  Though I do appreciate the fact that Edward is a gentleman in all ways, treating Bella how women should be.  He believes in sex after marriage and does indeed marry her before they go there.  The books are my first love with this guilty pleasure, but next I watched all the movies and enjoyed them – taking this from mind candy to eye candy.  Then, I discovered the amazing music from each movie and got ear candy, too.

Thankfully, there’s still 2 more movies to come out so I can hang on to this one for a while longer.  There may be serious tears at the age of 35 when I finally have to say goodbye to Twilight – at least the new material.  I see no reason for not rereading the novels once  a year or so just to remind myself to love fully.

Two good websites, should you be interested:

http://www.stepheniemeyer.com – The author’s website.  I have enjoyed her stories of how the novels and characters came together.  This also got me onto her novel for grown-ups “The Host”, which is also set to be made into a movie.

http://www.teamtwilight.com  – A fun blog that follows the actors progress in other projects and currently the filming of Breaking Dawn.


The Best Part

Carter visited my parent’s house and came back decked out in tennis gear.  He had to come back home to get some tennis shoes before beginning his tennis match.  The conversation about sports in this video is pretty funny, but the best part is at the end when the cat craps in the background.

The Audition

This Sunday not only will I be directing the things going on on the stage, but I will be taking the stage.  Yes, me.

I am for sure no longer a fraidy cat when it comes to public speaking.  I’ve taught and flat-out acted a fool in front of children and adults numerous times over the years.  Teaching brings those things out of you.  I always used to tell Jeff that teaching was like being on a stage and under a microscope (yes, at the same time) all day long.  If you are uncomfortable with speaking, confrontation, foolishness, singing and being watched you should definitely avoid the teaching profession.

As I was going over the lines with Jeff last night I was taken back to high school.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I did not enjoy high school.  I could not get over my inner fraidy cat in high school.  I SO wanted to do things that were for brave girls, but I’d get close and run away.  Quickly.

One of the most painful memories of trying to be a brave girl in high school was of an audition for a school play.

As it often happens, some football coach was placed in charge of the drama program in the off season.  And he was bad at it.  I had a brother that was an actor, so I thought I knew good talent.  And, most importantly, I thought I had it in me.  Though I had never graced a stage before, I was sure that I could act.  And my new acting career would of course catapult me into an entirely different social class in my high school.

I walk into the room and there are some obvious favorites in there.  Very smart people.  Very popular people.  People who had done this before.  The audition consisted of drawing a particular complicated emotion or character out of a dish and reciting the ABC’s in that character.  First, that’s just the dumbest thing I’d ever heard of.  How was I supposed to convey my hidden acting abilities to the ABC’s?!?!  We went down the rows of seats and I ended up going last.

I drew from the dish.

My task was to say the ABC’s in the character of a snob.

My first mistake was making some crack about that being too obvious for me.  As soon as it came out of my mouth it became forever etched into my mind as something stupid I SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID.

I can still see myself there in front of that room, with the football coach watching on, attempting to sound like a snob and failing miserably.  I thought, why couldn’t I have gotten angry, frustrated, child-like, heartbroken…anything but SNOB!

The casting list came out a few days later.  The obvious names were there and I was not.  Never, ever have I attempted to act again.  Until now.  Sunday will be my big debut–about 16 years later.  I’ll let ya know how it goes.