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Have We Met?

It all started yesterday when Carter woke up from his nap. The crankiness, the willfulness, the ATTITUDE–from a 14 month old.  What the heck?  Where did all this come from?  It’s like all the horrible things from the articles and books have started coming true in the last 24 hours and to be honest, I’m a little scared.  Can toddlers smell fear?

I thought the crying and whining last night might have been caused by his waking up in a dark room.  Normally, when he’s napped late and woken up at 6, it’s still been light.  Not the case last night.  He woke up screaming and the crying didn’t stop for 30 minutes.  Do you want a drink? (pushes it away)  Do you want some food? (pushes it away)  I spill my water.  Screaming.  I lay down with him on the couch.  Screaming.  At 6:30 my parents came to take him out to dinner with them while we went to a meeting and he seemed to snap out of it.  They said he was fine after he left the house and ate like he hadn’t all day at the restaurant.  Dad said he was probably just hungry.  I think not.

This morning at breakfast he gets into the fit-throwing portion of the show.  I put him in his chair and give him his sippy cup with milk–throws it to the floor.  And, my personal favorite, was when he started arching his back, screaming and rocking back and forth in his booster seat wanting to get down.  I, of course, do not let him down.  I bring breakfast to the table–scrambled eggs, grits and turkey sausage.  He normally loves this, but this morning the first bite that was offered was thrown to the floor.  I try sitting a few bites in front of him so he can pick them up.  Screaming.  I try giving him his bowl and spoon so he can try feeding himself.  One attempt then more screaming and arching of the back and rocking in the seat.  I try not to give fits too much attention, so I calmly look at Jeff and ask, “Who is this child?”  Our child eats whatever you give him, waits patiently, doesn’t cry unless there is something really wrong and is generally well-behaved.Cry Face

We went to the park to meet some friends after that and he was pretty much fine, though he started to get sleepy-fussy after about an hour.  So, we left and met my parents for lunch.  We’re eating and I give him a pre-loaded fork for him to feed himself with food that he normally likes.  Today, however, he throws it to the floor and cries. 

We get home from lunch and I pick him up to change his diaper and he goes “boneless” and starts crying.  Where did this come from?  He’s never done this before!  The entire time I’m changing him he’s kicking and pushing backwards so hard he’s nearly falling off the back of the table.

It’s 2:15 right now.  Carter went down for a nap 30 minutes early because I think that sleep can only improve his attitude.  And, I’m exhausted, too.  Normally, I will only take naps on Sundays.  Today not too much is normal, so I think I’ll go for it.