The Letter

I walked to the mailbox yesterday to find a letter from the law firm in Charleston that is handling our foreclosure.  Getting a letter from them is never a good thing.  This letter notified us that our request for foreclosure relief was one again denied.  This makes 4 times now.  Their reason for denial was incomplete paperwork.  Were we ever told that any of paperwork was incomplete?  Oh no.

There is a copy of the letter that they submitted last week to the Spartanburg County Clerk of Court.  We have 30 days from the date of the letter (5/16) to file a response.  Who the hell even knows what that means.  Jeff will be calling them this afternoon to give them a piece of “our response” about this whole process.  It’s a piece of total crap, that’s what it is.

I completely understand that it is fair and within their rights to foreclose on our home because we have not paid for it as we agreed.  But, the bottom line is that we had some hard months, got completely buried in back payments and could not catch back up.  We can afford to pay our monthly payment now, but we do not have $30,000.00 to give them on top of that.  With that part, we asked for help.  Our request was nothing would be forgiven, but that it would be tacked on to the end of our loan and brought back to current standing so that we could begin making progress on it again and, ultimately, get it OUT of foreclosure.  We’ve been requesting this for over a year and have made zero progress with our lender.  My husband is self-employed.  They go by our tax documents.  On paper, he makes next to nothing.

So here we are.  Less than 30 days from I don’t know what.  I think about it and I can’t help but cry.  I’ve spent hours and days preparing myself to handle what could ultimately be the worst news.  I’ve told myself that this is just a house.  It does not make my happiness.  It is not my joy.  It is not my strength.  But, when I walk these halls and look out these windows I know that home is so much more than a house.  It’s a beautiful piece of land that sits where I used to play as a child.  It’s where my children were born and have lived and come to love.  It’s family to the right and the back who are always there for us.  It was a dream in our heads that only existed on a piece of paper that we watched appear one brick and one board at a time.   It’s a place that we made perfect for our family.  And, it seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t think about it being taken from me without totally breaking apart.

It’s nice to say there’s always hope, but I’m not sure that’s true anymore.  At this point, we need a miracle.


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