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The Fitness Journey

Before I got pregnant the first time, I was in pretty good shape.  The best I’ve ever been in, I’d say.  I’ve NEVER had a hot bod by any stretch, but it’s felt pretty good to live in.  Then, having a miscarriage frightened me away from any physical exertion.  Out of running, working out and yoga, I only stuck with the lame yoga for pregnant chicks DVD for the first 2 trimesters of my second pregnancy, then it was lay around and wait to have a baby.  After having Carter, I only had 7 extra pounds to get rid of, which I didn’t think was that bad.  But, little sleep and eating whatever and whenever took my weight up instead of down.  I’d read that at 6 weeks you can start exercising again, and if a book says it’s ok, I generally go with it.  Lesson:  Listen to your body.  I did a full yoga session anyway and thought I would DIE.  Really, though.  I was in hurting in places that I fully expected to be hurting, my heart was racing and I was having a hormonal sweat.  I’m sure I did more damage than good that day, but I thought, “I’ve just got to get back on the horse.”  But, I didn’t.  I didn’t really do anything active consistently until Carter was about 7 months old.  As a reward, I reached pre-pregnancy weight at about 9 months old.  

If I could make it there, I could go farther.  At 1 year I’ve lost another 8 pounds.  I feel so ready to step things up and get back to a strenuous activity level, but I’m finding that my body won’t let me.  Each morning (except Sunday) I put Carter in his stroller after breakfast and we walk almost 2 miles.  Lately, I’ve jogged a bit.  At first, my legs weren’t very strong and would start getting tired and force me to walk again.  Today, I decided that I would start off running and run the entire way.  To my frustration, my lungs and airways gave out before my legs did.  I had an asthma attack.  When I was young, I had exercise induced asthma.  I really haven’t had problems with it in a long time, but then I haven’t pushed my body and my lungs the way I did today.  It was a beautiful day, I felt great, I ran about 3/4 mile and then BAM–the burning, the airways closing, the gasping for breath.  I wanted to cry.  I have the motivation and I’m making the time, but my body doesn’t want to cooperate.  I did a little reading on the condition and the treatment, aside from prescription drugs, is to walk.