Lifestyle Change: More Questions Than Answers

I feel my life and my decisions about what is best for my family shifting in a totally different direction, as I mentioned a few posts ago.  In the past few days, I’ve been watching and reading constantly.  Right now it feels like I’m drinking from a fire hydrant.  More and more information is so far leading to more and more things I want to know about and questions.  Boy, do I have questions.

I’ve been particularly interested in the healing properties of food and the ability that our bodies have to heal themselves…and maintain this health, given the right kinds of fuel.  We (as a culture) spend our money on beautiful clothes, nice cards and huge homes yet balk at the prices of good food.  Yes, it’s true, that our priorities have been off.  Our food is where we want to skimp and save and pay as little as possible.  I can say this because I was there.  I don’t find anything wrong with having a nice house, nice clothes and saving on food – or anything for that matter.  But, I think that as a culture we ultimately need to come to a place where we re-prioritize what we are WILLING to spend our money on.  We need to consider the long-term effects of our priorities.  Will we eat crap fast food all week to be able to afford a cute purse?  I don’t think I personally HAVE to spend a lot on the food I eat, but I think I should be willing to if it means keeping myself at a quality of life that would rarely require medications and that would keep me off  the paths that lead to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

There are things I want to do, things I want to learn more about.

English: Copley Square Farmer's Market

1. Organic and Local Foods – We’ve made this step and it’s probably the easiest.  Though I read last night that simply making the switch isn’t everything.  Because I’ve been injesting toxins and chemicals through my food, I should consider a detox so that the good stuff can get in.  Just the thought makes me cringe, with images of colon cleansing and fasting.  Thankfully I ran across some information on…

2. Hydration Therapy/Detox – This is basically drinking a BUNCH (think 1 L) of water first thing each day.  It forces the toxins out of your tissues and cleanses your body.  This morning I did about 20 oz. and I could already tell a difference.  Seriously, I think I lost about 5 lbs. just in peeing 7 times in about 2 hours.  I read that a little lemon juice and cayenne pepper can up its effects.  I haven’t tried that.

3.  Raw Foods – There’s a big difference in the way our bodies react to cooked foods and raw foods.  The suggestion is to aim for 50% or more raw foods in my diet.  I don’t know yet how to get there, but it’s something to learn more about.

3.  Superfoods – They don’t call them super for nothing.  The benefits of these foods are plenty, but are they all nasty?  Is there any way to get them into my children?  Can I grow these things?  Is there an inexpensive way to incorporate them into my diet?

4.  Planting a Garden – I’m looking at where, when, what, how, how much – and how the heck can I?!?!

5.  Making As Much as Possible from Scratch – from dressings to soaps to breads.  I’m experimenting with new recipes every week.  This part is fun for me.  My struggles are with preserving them, which of course is why all these companies decided to figure out how to make things last forever after they are prepared.  Once I make something, like a loaf of bread, it is beautiful and delicious on the first day, but them it goes hard and dry quickly.  Once I make dressing, I have about a week to use it.  I’m starting to play around with freezing, but sometimes that changes the texture of these things, too.

It’s funny, I’ve gone years and years with bits of all of this information floating around me and I’ve been so guilty of ignoring most of it most of the time.  I maintained a “healthy enough” lifestyle to not gain weight, but for the most part I just thought “It’s not going to happen to me.”  But, now I’m starting to think “I’m not going to let it happen to me.”  I have a lot to live for, and I’d like to make the most of every minute that I’ve been given.


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