Evan – 3 and 4 Months

The time, where does it go?

I’ll tell you.  It goes into smiling, laughing, feeding, burping, changing, bouncing, soothing all rolled together times hundreds.  It’s life with a baby and it’s beautiful.  Admittedly, I am a baby person.  I love this stage.  Particularly now that Evan’s personality is in full bloom.  I love the smiles and laughs and moods – all new to him and to me.  Babies have a supreme talent for making all else in the world seem incredibly unimportant.  All that matters is each new thing that he experiences and that I am there to see that those experiences are amazing and possible.

For Halloween, Evan had the pleasure of dressing up like a Pea in a Pod.  He was being his usual good sport self in this shot, but that did not last long.  Eventually he realized that he had a stem growing out of his noggin and he was going to have no more of the silliness.  We settled on an adorable knitted hat that made him a much more comfortable Evan Corn the next night for Trick-or-Treating.

We went to a nearby nice neighborhood for trick-or-treating since it’s difficult to walk between houses out here in the country.  Plus, most of us are used to not getting any traffic on Halloween.  Ever the honest child, Carter enjoyed telling folks at the doors that we didn’t live in their neighborhood.  Cute.

Later on the in the month we decided that we were ready to be people of adventure again.  We wanted to travel.  We decided to pack up our 2 children and drive from SC to New York City for Thanksgiving.  If it was an adventure we wanted, it was an adventure we got.

Despite having tried out the baby carrier around the house, carrying him for hours around the city while running up and down stairs to catch trains and get to a 4th floor apartment was an entirely different endeavor.  Thankfully the weather was mostly awesome and there were plenty of family members there willing to help carry and soothe a city-weary baby.

Here we are in Times Square.  You can’t tell, but it’s raining here.  I just love the irony from the sign above our heads.  Surely the sign must have been alluding to the 18 hour wade through the I-81 parking lot  that we would face on the way home.  Even with 4 stops, it took just over 12 hours to get there, so we had a lovely 6 hours of sitting in traffic tacked onto our trip.  In a car.  With 2 small children.  We were warned it would be bad, but sometimes you can’t tell me us anything.

Needless to say- I’ll be home for Christmas.

Before I close, I just wanted to share one more adorable shot of our little “Punka Chunka” sporting his USC Game.cocks outfit.  Oh yes, the brainwashing has already begun.


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