The Good and The Bad

All that’s missing is Ugly to make  a great cliche.

The good.  The silver car that came to my house was not taking pictures with plans to take over my house.  He was from our new homeowner’s insurance company doing an inspection.  OK.  Good.

The bad.

We’ve waited and waited for news from our mortgage company on our home modification process.  We got it today.

We were denied.  I will not type the stream of expletives that are currently running through my head.  They shouldn’t be there anyway, so they don’t get published.

Reason?  Insufficient income.

Really?  REALLY?  I could have saved you a year of your time and told you that when we started.  THAT IS WHY WE NEED HELP!  If we had plenty of income we would not be 10 payments behind on our mortgage.  I don’t understand their logic here.

So this is where we are.  We’re waiting for miracles.  We’re waiting for MORE income.  No, not waiting.  Jeff is working his ass off.  We’re waiting for the ass-working-off to start paying off.

I am waiting on this couch.  For some motivation to get up and go on with my day.  But I feel like if I move I may very well crack or dissolve or just lose it.  I just couldn’t imagine them denying us.  I thought that if anyone deserved help, it was us.

Whatever, so I’m ending this post.  It’s nothing but stream-of-consciousness nonsense and anger.  If I were the type of person to throw things, I would.  I’m not.


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