The Silver Car

Yesterday, while Carter and I were eating lunch in the dining room, a silver Mercedes pulls up in our driveway.  A man got out of the car carrying a clipboard, a digital camera and one of those roll and measure things on a stick.  He stood beside his car and took pictures of my house.  I should note here that we live in the country.  We have no blinds on our windows and most of our window coverings allow for us to see out at all the beautiful trees and country.  So, when this man began to walk to my door I cannot explain the fear that gripped me.  I grabbed my son away from his pb and j and we hid.  In my mind, I was sure that if I went to the door that I’d be served with foreclosure paperwork.  I feared that this strange man would tell me that we had reached the end before we’ve had a chance to make it better.  Whether or not that was what he actually wanted, I don’t know.  I also don’t know that not answering the door will actually prolong anything.

He stayed for a while.  He measured around my house.  He looked in my windows.  He took pictures all around my house.  All as if it were public property.

We need more time.  Just a little more time.

Getting close to the end of the building process, about 5 years ago


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