I'm Charlotte

Sex And The City Seasons

The producers of “Sex in the C.ity” are pure genius. I’m sure that every woman who watches the show relates to at least one of the characters and say to someone “I’m her.” To me, that it a key ingredient of a successful show. (On a side note, I think the show “Parenthood” has this same quality.) We all want to identify with someone, even if that person happens to be fictional.

As for me, I’m Charlotte. I follow the rules. I find comfort in structure. I want my life to follow a distinct plan. I get really grumpy when it veers. I’m conservative and traditional.

I saw a bit of this same girl on Ra.chel Ray the next day. They were interviewing a women who embraced the traditional role of a woman. She cooks, cleans the house and takes care of the children. She dotes on her husband and is there to have sex with him whenever he pleases. She makes sure she looks nice before he comes home. They weren’t exactly making fun of her on the show, but there did seem to be an air of unbelief that this woman would actually WANT to be a wife and a mother only. They seemed to find it strange that she could find any fulfillment out of leading this sort of life. But, they’re so happy. For me, I’m ok with those things, too. Being a wife and a mother doesn’t seem at all unimportant or trivial work. It seems like a higher calling that going out for my paycheck each day. Granted, teaching was also a “high calling” of a profession as well and I certainly didn’t think of it as something that I did just to provide a paycheck.

But I don’t think the general public should be so shocked that a married couple can settle into those traditional male and female roles and be extremely happy and satisfied with their life.

On the inside, though, I’m a little bit of Carrie. I want some excitement. I want to be able to wear something wild and be comfortable in it. I want to write. I want to express myself. I want to decorate and shop and go out with the girls. I want to spend a Saturday in my pajamas reading a good book. I want to have interesting things to say. I want to have good friends. I want to be social.

But, that’s the inside. And, as I’m sure you know, the inside doesn’t always make it’s way out. It only pulls and pushes your thoughts and actions and decisions.

Who are you?


2 responses to “I'm Charlotte

  • littlemissbuffett

    I think I’m Miranda…..but oh, how I long to be Samantha – if only for a week or two. 🙂

  • Whitney

    Seriously, I’ve seen the TBS version of the show a handful of times, but you’re right. I think I’m more Charlotte, but I also want to be the free-spirited Carrie, with a twist of job-fulfilled Miranda in there.
    FYI: I like Parenthood too. 🙂

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