In Dreams


Those dreams that feel so real when you wake up have really been messing with me for the past two nights.

This morning I woke up with a huge sense of fulfillment.  I woke up feeling smart and appreciated and wealthy.

Of course, dreams don’t have to give you a back story.  There’s often no explaination whatsoever about what lead you to where you are in the dream.  In this dream, I found myself sitting next to my husband at a table in what looked like a music room (think high school choir practice).  He was talking to them about a job.  The job was part time and had something to do with the stage.  They talked, they passed him an offer of pay per hour and hours per week.  There was a figure of $26.00 on the form.  He asked if they had anything they could offer me.  We talked about my teaching degree, my skills, my experience and my personality.  The lady, who was suddenly wearing a buisness suit passes me a piece of paper that reads “Assistant IT Director”.

Even in my dream mind, I was thinking, “Do they really think I’m qualified for this?”  I’m telling them more about myself, but with a much more “techy” spin on what I do.  She draws my attention to the pay.  It’s a full time job that pays $49/hour.  I tell her I’ll need to talk with my husband, who suddenly isn’t in the room with us anymore.  We talk, we walk around what is now the campus of a very old university.  Then, I’m back in the room.  I ask about snow.  I suddenly know that we are in the state of Massachusetts.  There are two other men there now.  They are trying to talk me into the job.  I ask about Mac v. PC.  They are PC.  I remember sighing and thinking that it would be a pain to work with PC problems.  The more we talk, the more I feel like they want me because I’m such a smart girl.

I don’t think it had anything to do with my making more money than my husband.

Dream interpretations don’t hold much weight with me.  I personally think they’re mostly random.  As I was waking up, struggling through the area that sits between sleep and awake, I remember reading in my Strengths Finder profile “You should seek out a job that requires technical competence.”  I suppose, in my dreams, I’m seeking out my ideal career.

It’s funny that I had a dream about it.  It’s even funnier the way it made me feel–like I needed that.


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