My Million Dollar Weight Loss Idea

Day 18/366 - Alli diet pills

Today while combing the world, I’m greeted by several ads encouraging me to try the latest, greatest weight loss innovation.  The one I noticed was about a pill that would essentially suck the water out of your fat cells, shrinking each one in size, therefore shrinking the size of your overall self.  Seriously?!?!

There is nothing in my profile that suggests my weight.  I happen to be someone who eats very healthy and exercises on a regular basis.  I’ll not be sporting a bikini this summer, but there’s not a thing wrong with my current weight.  Why did I get targeted by that ad?  Because I’m a woman.  Or more likely, because I’m a Mother.  They’re feeding off our growing insecurities about our bodies and our growing problem with nutrition and overall good health.  Does my husband get hit with these things?  Doubtful.  These advertising geniuses are fully aware that most men don’t give a crap about being fat…or overweight…or chunky…or even slightly thick.  But women do.  It’s sad, really.

Hold on to your skinny lattes, ladies.  I’ve got a million dollar weight loss idea of my own.  Follow this plan and I personally guarantee weight loss:

Burn more calories that you consume.  Eat more real food.  Move more than you sit.

There ya’ go.  I give you those nuggets of knowledge for absolutely free.  Happy Health for the rest of your life!


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