Nature Therapy

I spent this past Friday on Lake Hartwell.  I am really not a nature girl by any stretch of the imagination.  I detest the company of bugs and little furry creatures and don’t particularly like to sweat.  But, even with all my spoiled, indoor tendencies, I can truly appreciate the heavy dose of some nature therapy.

I have not put so much as my big toe in lake water since my childhood.  I’m 33.  It’s time to face fears.  After partaking of a little liquid courage, I turned over a new leaf.  It was a little weird at first–you know, with the fish and spiders and snakes all swimming around underneath me.  (Not that I could see them, I could just IMAGINE them down there.)  I soon realized that they weren’t really interested in my green float and actually relaxed.  As soon as I started to take in the beauty around me and feel the gentle rise and fall, rise and fall of the currents I immediately enjoyed myself.  I sat there with the company of one of my best friends and talked about nothing and everything.  We’d float in, we paddle our floats back out, we’d float in, paddle out–and it continued this way for about 2 hours.

After climbing out, we cued up some soothing late afternoon tunes on the iPod and each settled into hammocks hanging over the water.  We slept there, with the warm breeze covering our skin and no words between us.  I’ve always believed that you truly know your friends when there is comfort in those times when there are no words.

The evening blessed us with more floating, a lovely dinner on the deck, a half a bottle of wine and a Mc.Donald’s caramel sundae.  To me, this time was perfect and priceless.  The next day The Team came down and we had a meeting…


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