The Poop Rant

39/365 Everyone Poops

You are two and a half and I cannot say this to you, but I can think it.

We have had several intelligent conversations about what poop is.  We have talked about where it needs to go when it’s time to come out of your body.  We have discussed that everyone poops.  We have talked about how Mommy doesn’t like to clean it up and how you don’t like to be dirty.  These conversations all feel very fruitful.

Yet, when the time comes, you continue to poop in your pants.  Pee?  No way.  But the poop seems to not be able to EVER find it’s way to the potty.

I understand that this is a common problem, especially in boys.  However, as long as it is a problem with YOU I am the one that has to clean it up.  I have serious problems with that.  I love you, but I don’t like to touch poop.  I don’t like to think about what you had for dinner the night before coming out in various forms of brown.  I don’t like to swish the underwear in the toilet water.  I don’t like that the smell gets stuck in my nose for HOURS after the actual evidence has been disposed of.

You are a very intelligent child.  I am certain that this is not a case of “not getting it”.  You get it yet STILL choose not to comply.

Something has got to give before one very nice Mommy goes a little nuts.

Thank you.

Now, go ahead.  Tell me I’m wrong.


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