Wonderfully Weird

Self-discovery is a hobby of mine.  I love to take the personality tests and various assessments that are out there.  My most recent trip down that road involves the book Strength Finder 2.0.  The premise behind this book is that we could all be much more successful in life if we could find a way and a job that would allow us to use our strengths instead of fighting against our weaknesses.  We spend so much our time focusing on improving our weakness, but what if we moved that energy over to growing our strengths?

Out of 34 possible strengths, my Top 5 are:


The report that you get about yourself is 19 pages long, but I condensed it down to 1.  It’s important to note that each strength automatically leads itself to certain blind spots–something you’ll automatically need to watch out for because of that strength.

Here’s me:

#1 – Achiever

Strengths – I have a high awareness of due dates and information changes.  Data and intricate details don’t bother me.  I’m very happy solving complex problems, and being productive for long hours. I work best with other hard workers.

Blind Spots – In my eagerness to check something off of my list, I may not double-check my work. I get ticked when people start wasting time. It’s tough for me to lead a balanced life.

#2 – Learner

Strength – I always want to be on the cutting edge of new and better information. I do well in roles that require technical competence.  Books, classes and seminars are fuel me with ideas that I will see through. I’m great at studying a process and finding new ways to do things, though I prefer to study alone and in quiet.

Blind Spot – I may be insensitive to others emotions, especially in crunch time. I distance myself from people who refuse new ideas.

#3 – Deliberative

Strength – I can reduce a process down to its most basic parts AND I help others see the bigger picture. In a group discussion, I reflect on all the information presented and only weigh in after I have reached a conclusion. When I am asked to do a task, I get right down to business.

Blind Spot – I suppress my emotions and come across cautious, reserved and all business.  I can be very blunt and matter-of-fact, offering few apologies about how I come across.

#4 – Input

Strength – I am always conscious of what needs to be raised in excellence. I work best with intelligent people who express their ideas freely and stay focused. Because I am very future-driven, I enjoy helping people believe in themselves and find their unique abilities to contribute to a team.  I have a low tolerance for gossiping and complaining.

Blind Spot – I may come across as a know-it-all and be closed off to hearing from someone who I don’t feel is adequately informed or equally as committed.  I can be a harsh judge of others and myself.

#5 – Discipline

Strength – I work well when I make and stick to plans.  I am always focused on improving myself. I enjoy helping others streamline and prioritize their lives. I find easy, step-by-step ways to perform repetitive, mundane tasks. I can find ways to be more efficient with time or money. Give me deadlines – I need structure.

Blind Spot – I get easily frustrated by those who refuse to follow procedures, complain about change or pull their own weight. Mistakes on my part tend to depress me.  I’m distracted and annoyed by messes.

Have you ever taken this assessment?  What did you learn about yourself?


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