Spring Has Sprung

Now that Carter can follow directions and stick with something for a little longer, we’re trying our hands and arts and crafts.  Hands.  I love pictures of hands.

I also love his stuck out tongue in concentration.

Yep, we started potty training.  His first pair of underwear!

The weather seemed to warm up overnight and that means we’re OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Carter loves to be outside.  This picture really struck me.  He’s grown so much and there are times he seems big to me.  Here, I like it because he still looks so small compared to the world around him.

We’re blessed to live in a gorgeous part of the country.  These forsythia bushes grow between my house and my parent’s.  There’s an entire row of them that I see each morning from my bathroom window.  To me, they are the ultimate sign of spring’s arrival.

Carter’s into ALL the sports.  His Papa has helped him to put on all kinds of tennis gear before they play.

For a laugh–Carter is “reading” the sign that is asking everyone to stay out of the flower beds at the park.  He’s standing in a flower bed.  Funny.

This is my favorite.  These are Carter’s friends.  Seeing this represents some of the new friendships that have come into my life over the past year and a half.  These children are growing up together.

Today they all came to an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by our church.  There are so many great things happening in my life.  So many little things that bring me joy!


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