Tough Decisions Abound

Thankfully Jeff and I have had lots of time to talk about some very tough decisions.

We based them on what we know.

  1. If we do not pay for our house, the bank will take it from us and sell it to pay off what we owe.
  2. If we do not pay for our power bill, they will turn off power to our house.  Same applies to all other utility payments.
  3. If we do not  pay for our credit cards and other “bad debts”, our credit score goes to the toilet.

I do not advocate nor am I comfortable with not paying for something that I promised to pay for.  But, times as they are, something’s gotta give and we chose the credit cards.  I wish there was some way that I could just post a big sign somewhere that explains this to everyone that is going to begin calling and sending us letters.  I wish they would understand that, while I want to do everything, I can only do what I am able to.  For us, that equals keeping a house over our heads, running water, power, gas in our cars and food in our tummies.

On a side note, there is a hiring freeze for the teaching profession.

To rather interesting expenses that we’ve cut are diapers and birth control.  First, I didn’t really think that Carter was “showing all the signs” of potty training readiness, but diapers cost about $50/month, so we had to try.  Within a week, Carter pretty much had down the #1 in the potty part.  Three weeks into it now, he still has the occasional accident if I don’t remind him to go.  But, I’m happy with our success.  #2 is something he is flat out refusing to do in the potty.  I will catch him in the act and he says, “No, I’m not pooping, Mommy.” before I even say anything.  He knows what he’s doing–or rather, what he’s not doing.  We have his reward on a shelf in the living room.  At this point it’s more important for him to do things his way than get the reward.  I have some more waiting thinking to do on this.

Second, birth control without health insurance would also be $50/month.  So, that went, too.  I am not going off of the pill to have a baby.  In fact, it’s pretty important that we don’t right now.  Being off of the pill makes me feel like a new person.  I’m losing weight and I feel more hormonally balanced instead of hormonally forced.  Though, cleaning poop out of training pants still makes me cranky.


2 responses to “Tough Decisions Abound

  • Mandi

    Yep, loving being off of the pill!

    Now that I’m using cloth training pants, I have to say that I seriously admire you for going the cloth diaper route. It’s not for wimps.

  • Whitney

    Yay for Carter being almost trained! Paying for diapers is why I chose to cloth diaper the last baby. Just cost too stinkin’ much to buy disposables.
    Yay for no “pill”! I like how you put it about how it made you feel “hormonally forced”. That’s exactly why (among other reasons) I stopped using hormonal based BC several years ago.

    Boo for financial hardship and dealing with creditors. I wish you didn’t have to go through that junk. 😦

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