What I REALLY Want

I get a lot of magazines for free.  You’d be amazed at the companies that give away their magazines if you answer a few questions for them.  I get 6.  Jeff gets 3.

I look through all of them. {except Town and Country.  It’s just ridiculous.  Who, in the real world, really gives half a crap about $700 (impractical) shoes.}  I like the pictures and the ideas are inspiring.

There are gorgeous clothes that I imagine myself wearing.  Of course, I imagine my most in shape version of myself doing them TOTAL justice.  Long legs, stunningly styled blonde hair and my non-existent perfect skin.  It’s solace to me, who never really has a reason to wear the smart miniskirt and classy knee boots to Publix or the park.

I can honestly say, though it’s fun to imagine and dream, that I never really WANT those things for myself.  Sure, money being no object, I might purchase a snazzy little trench coat and pair of bold colored flats for the spring.  But, I look and I move on and there’s no ache in my heart for fashionable clothes.

I’m happy in my jeans and “Carolina Girl” t-shirt today.

Oh and the decorating ideas.  I’m certain I could do amazing things with this house of mine.  I could deck out every inch, nook and cranny.  I could organize the heck out of it.  I look at the pictures and, truthfully, my mind goes wild imaging how I could make those very expensive pieces for much less money and with my own two hands.

I don’t pursue any of that.  I don’t really want those things, either.  I know where my means are and I have no problems living there.

I’m happy in my house that, with the exception of a few pieces of furniture, is full of the very same things we put into our first house when we got married.  The things that change are the photos of my gorgeous family.  If I want art on the wall, I paint it.  If I want my house to look nice, I clean it.  I pretend that someone new to my house sees it like the ones in the magazines.

It’s fun to dream, but when I search my heart for what I really want I get this:

I want to make happy memories for my son.
I want to laugh with my husband.
I want to use the gifts that God has given me each day.
I want to always be able to make good on the promises I’ve made, whether that be to honor someone, pay someone, love someone, teach someone or help someone.
I want to learn and grow.

I think those things are all pretty simple and are, in some ways, a lot to ask out of this life; but in others, just enough.


3 responses to “What I REALLY Want

  • Beth

    Yes, I still have the same e-mail. 🙂 How could anyone not have found that funny!

  • Beth

    Hey Mandi,

    I’d love to know how you get free magazines. 🙂 I love magazines…wasn’t it you and I who got a hold of that book of how to get free things when we were in college and proceeded to order interesting things like “Beano” for our friends. Funny!

    • Mandi

      Do you still have the same email? I’ll have to send you the links when they come available. And yes, I do recall Amanda not finding it quite as funny as we did when she received her free sample of Beano.

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