Right Before My Eyes

my little boy is becoming a big boy.  Potty training started last Saturday and I’ll spare you the details.  But, I can happily report that more is going right than is going wrong.  We’re all learning through this process–us, our level of patience and Carter, how to “let the pees go”.

Here are some shots of the past month.

The intensity of his concentration on play amazes me. A baby who couldn’t focus for more than a thought, can now play for hours, making up incredible rules and characters.

And then there’s the football helmet.  If we never made him take it off, he would wear it non-stop–calling plays, running them, throwing the ball, tackling and getting tackled would be our constant activities.  As is, though, we take forced breaks from our quarterback to simply enjoy our little boy.

His newfound fascination with dinosaurs is a lot of fun to watch.  We’re checking out books and reading as much as we can about them.  Some of the dinosaur names Carter pronounces better than I do.  And, he’s glad to tell anyone about a number of their amazing characteristics.

…And then the snow came.  We had a decent snow event last winter, but he doesn’t really remember it.  I’m sure the 3 snows we experienced this year will stick with him.  That’s almost unheard of for the south.

Our snowman.  I think he had melted within 2 hours of our building him.  But, it was fun!

Packing the snow for the snowman’s head.

Clobbering Carter with snow.

We attended The Greatest Show on Earth.  Carter was amazed.  I think the expression on his face says it all.

It got really long and late, so at least there were snacks to keep his attention.


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