It’s a New Day

Admittedly, yesterday was not a good day for me.  I was grouchy all day.  But, while I am one to write when I am feeling grouchy–I am not one to wallow and stay that way.  So, in my soul-searching yesterday I realized something important.

I can do more.

I can do more for myself.  Exercise even though I’ve had to drop my gym membership.  Floss.  Get out of my jammies before 9.  Eat better.

I can do more for my son.  Plan activities.  Go places.  I’m a resourceful kind of girl.  If there are free (or cheap), fun things out there I can find them.  Read together.  Play.  Talk.

I can do more for my husband.  Smile more.  Listen more intently.  Offer more encouragement.  Touch him.  Don’t ask me why that last one is a tough one.  It’s probably thousands of dollars in counseling waiting to happen.  Not going there.

I can do more for my friends.  Answer the phone–even when I might prefer to be quiet.  Reach out.  Open up…or not–depends on the situation.

I can do more for my job.  Plan ahead.  Work ahead.  Be ready for what is next before anyone tells me to be ready.

I started last night with making homemade graham crackers with Carter.  I made guacamole for Jeff.  I tried to respond more when he talked about his day.  This morning I got up and hopped into the shower.  I washed 3 loads of laundry before 9.  I went online and researched some great books that are out so that Carter and I can make a trip to the library this afternoon and check them out. I’m working on planning a really special and VERY cheap Valentine’s Day for my family.

I just can’t be one to sit.  Doing more, for me, gives me more self-worth and I feel like my small speck of a life in the grand scheme of things is more than just a waste of good oxygen.

How do you kick yourself in the butt?


2 responses to “It’s a New Day

  • Whitney

    I have to take a shower and get dressed pretty much right away after waking up. If I don’t, my day is just yuck.
    I also force myself to do the things I don’t really “want” to do, just ’cause I know I’ll feel better if I do. Yesterday, it was cleaning the wood blinds. I hate doing that, but feel much better when they’re not coated in an inch of dirt!
    I think it’s all about discipline. Discipline has become a negative word, but it really is such a great thing.

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