The Facebook Updates that Didn’t Happen

Today is a rotten day emotionally.  I made the mistake of asking Jeff a question this morning that I really already knew the answer to.  But, I asked him about it anyway, knowing he’d lie about it.  Now, I just feel like dump because my husband won’t be honest with me.

Facebook is a really public forum with often instant responses to status updates.  There are just some things I dare not put out in public.  At least this feels pretty cozy and private.

Mandi….is dreading heading out to hang out with people who obviously dislike and disagree with her.

Mandi…longs for her husband to find her attractive.

Mandi…feels like an outsider.

Mandi…is tired of being responsible ALL THE TIME.

Mandi…is only trying to be herself, but sometimes that doesn’t go so well.

Mandi…is screaming on the inside.

Mandi…is more than folding clothes.

Mandi…hates being ignored, but sometimes feels worthy of it.

See.  All pretty much negative.  Publicly, I can’t go there.  I’m going to go now and rearrange or reorganize something to try and perk myself up.


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