Christmas 09

I really, seriously can’t believe that I’ve let all of Christmas go by without making permanent any of the memories or experiences from the holiday.  Thankfully, I took a lot of video and edited it all together to make one huge attempt at preserving what was the first Christmas that Carter really loved and was REALLY into.

I can say that this year was a little tough for me, having to hold back with buying gifts and doing fun things as a family that cost money.  Yes, it can be gotten around and fun times were still had by all, but it wasn’t my favorite.  I’ve really gone on quite a personal journey over this past month and I’m sure that I’ve arrived at a better place in the end.

This video is a little long.  In it you’ll hear more of Carter singing.  I’ll apologize now, because you also have to hear me sing.  I’m not sure why I thought my voice wouldn’t really be picked up with the camera right by my head.  Silly me.  You’ll also see how spoiled Carter was by his grandparents.  He had a grand ol’ time.


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