My Wish

If had a wish today, it would be for my husband.

I watched him leave the house this morning with a clenched jaw and a furrowed brow.  He hadn’t even gotten to work yet and already he looked unhappy.  He spends 50 or so hours a week at a job that he appears to not like.

But, then again, I can understand how he must be feeling.  He puts all his time, effort and LIFE into this job with very little coming back to him in the way of compensation.  It must be frustrating.

I wish my husband was happy with his life.

What’s your wish?


2 responses to “My Wish

  • taliab5

    I wish for the same thing. Although Paul is not miserable he is definitely not happy there. It would be nice to see him do something that he really enjoyed.

  • Lauren

    i wish the same thing: for cole to have a career he loves and that pays him enough for us to live decently. i never want to see him in a job he hates ever again. it’s very hard on the whole family when a man isn’t content with his work.

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