What Do You Care About?

It seems like everyone has something they care about.  For me, it’s this.  I care about the fact that our government and food manufacturing companies may be willingly and knowingly feeding us food that makes us sick.  I don’t mean sick like we might get a cold, but sick like it might kill us or seriously affect the quality of our lives.  I care about what foods go into my child.  It frustrates me that when money is tight and I’m forced to spend less at the grocery store, that I’m also left with purchasing some food that could be of questionable quality.  In a perfect world, I could buy all organic and natural and local and I could cook nearly everything we consume right here in my own kitchen from real ingredients and not from a box or a powder or a can or my freezer.

That’s my dream.  That’s something I care about.

What about you?  Do you care about this?  Do you care about something else?

What gets under your skin?


One response to “What Do You Care About?

  • taliab5

    I agree!! I think this coming planting season we should all help each other start a garden!! I would love to be able to grow some of my own things. It can be done cheap and benefit us for years to come. Also, maybe this spring we should set up a weekly or biweekly farmers market trip.

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