What I Learned from Being Broke: Part 4


When things are at their worst and the outlook seems the most bleak, it can be tough to get to a place of faith.  But, as I’ve walked through this financial journey God has taught me over and over and over and over that he is never late.

First, let me say that Jeff and I tithe.  We have been since the very first deposit into our account when we were married and we both were tithers before we got married.  Though we have been through 6 months of joblessness (in 2002) and this crazy recession, we have AL-WAYS tithed before we paid any bills.  If this isn’t something you do, it may sound flat out crazy.  But, I don’t think the Bible could be any more clear about God’s will for us in regards to tithing.  It isn’t an option or a when-it’s-convenient occurrence, the Bible says it belongs to God and that He is faithful to return it to us.  God’s work is done here on earth by the tithe and more of Christians.  And, when I see all He has done for me, it’s the least I could do.

And, let me say that we have never been late on a bill, even when it looked like there was NO way we could pay (and lately that comes at least once a month).  Jeff works on total commission and things happen at the right times for him.

A few examples:

Jeff took 3 days off to go to a ministry conference with our staff last March.  We were beyond broke at that point.  That night as we sat in the hotel room, I checked our bank account and there was an automatic deposit for over $900 from a company Jeff hadn’t done business for in over a year.  It was almost to the dollar of what we needed to pay all our bills that week.  This has happened more than once from different companies for different amounts, but this one stands out the most.

Though the financial markets are nearly dead right now, a client ALWAYS comes along who wants to invest in something that pays quickly when Jeff’s pay has nearly hit the bottom.  There are countless examples of this happening over the past year.

We are protected from unexpected and exorbitant expenses:

My car was knocking BAD under the steering wheel.  My brakes were barely working.  We were praying it wasn’t going to be a devastating repair bill.  Jeff checked it out and it was a loose screw.

Jeff’s been driving on 2 tires that have cracks in the rubber for over 6 months now.  Crazy?  Yes.  But, we can’t afford 4 tires for his car.  God makes those tires last.  Jeff also sold his nice car and bought a dump.  Other than minor repairs, the car has not had any problems.

My father and brother were over last week and I asked to help get Christmas decorations down.  While my dad was in our attic, he noticed that our water heater had fallen off the bricks it was sitting on and had fallen through the floor.  They fixed it.  If they hadn’t and it had drained any amount, the water could have ruined part of the attic/roof and the ceiling.  But, it didn’t.

We are blessed by the generosity of others:

We have been invited over, invited out and paid for more times than I could possibly list here.

Carter has been bought more nice, new clothes since he has been born than he can often wear.

As we were heading into the Carolina/Vanderbilt game a few weeks ago, we were told to step aside since we did not have a ticket for him.  We were going to have to pay $55.  A man a few spaces back in line screams “NO–take my ticket.”  He shoves it into the lady’s hand and runs off.

So, are we overflowing with financial means right now?  Not even close.  But, all our needs are supplied and, though it has been more like me to worry, I’m learning instead to trust.


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