These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Two weeks ago we had family pictures made in downtown Greenville in Falls Park.  We haven’t had any pictures made together since Carter was 9 months old, so it was overdue.  Let me tell you how this came to be:

A few months ago I listed our guest room furniture on craigslist for sale.  The girl that bought the set mentioned to me that she’s does some photography work.  She gave me her blog address and I checked out her work.  It was flippin gorgeous (I’m starting to sound like Napoleon Dynamite).  I told her I wanted some taken in the fall and I sort of forgot.  Well, she kept my email and got back in touch with me to schedule the session.  I just have to tell you–this girl, Kelly Pearson, is trying to get her photography business started and she is only charging $45/hour for an on location photo session or $65/2 hours.  That in itself is an amazing deal, but on top of that she edits all the photos and GIVES them to you to order on your own.  If you want to book her, her email is  (Hi, Kelly!  Hope it’s ok that I put your email address out like that.)  I think you should all book a session with her before she realizes how good she is and goes up on her prices!  🙂

Here are some of my favorite shots.  You can click on them for the full view.

Looking at the water from the bridge

Walking across the bridge

Smoochy-face kisses

Love it

Having a conversation

JUMP to Daddy!

Carter’s favorite game: Tackle

I think we’re all looking pretty cool here.

I’ve got my baby!

Just gorgeous

Carter almost smiled for this one.

Is that ME!?!?

We’ve never looked so pretty.

Tossing pennies in the fountains.


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