Thank Goodness Carter is Young

because we just had to make a very difficult decision.  We have decided not to do Christmas this year.  Of course we’re still going to put up all our decorations and celebrate with family members, but we aren’t going to buy any gifts except for those who wouldn’t understand if we didn’t.  The reasoning is that our (undisclosed amount) of bills that can’t be paid are of higher priority than loading ourselves and others up with stuff this year. It is a very sensible and logical thing to do and I WILL be fine with it, but it’s pretty much my favorite thing to do ALL YEAR.  I love Christmas and if I said it wasn’t an incredible tough decision to make I’d be lying.  But seriously, Carter was too young last year to remember Christmas and he won’t ask us for anything or cry if the tree isn’t full of gifts.  Believe me, his grandparents and great-grandparents will make sure that he’s well taken care of in the gift area.

I can live with that.  It’s just a little tough to get past the feeling that we’re losers.  I’m 32 years old and I don’t like that my parents have to pay when we go out to eat or that I’ll be relying on anyone else to do wonderful things for my child in place of me.  I can recognize that it’s silly to think that, but I haven’t quite gotten past it yet.

I’m so thankful that we’ll have a year that we’ll really concentrate on making memories WITHOUT money.  We’ll bake cookies.  We’ll decorate the tree.  We’ll sing songs.  We’ll drive and look at houses decked out with lights.  We’ll go to parties.  We’ll serve others in any way we can.  We’ll all be together and we’ll be full of love for each other.  And, though I can’t promise that I won’t think about it, I can promise that I will BE OK without this part of Christmas.  In fact, with a new focus, it may just end up being the best thing that’s happened to us!


One response to “Thank Goodness Carter is Young

  • Lauren

    same for us. we can’t get any gifts so my mom is going to wrap all the gifts she got the kids and will put them under the tree she bought us for our house. my dad also gave us money just so we could do stuff with my brother and his family while he’s visiting. i had my heart set on some things i really wanted our kids to have for christmas since we only get them like one or two things each. but we just can’t do it at all this year. the part i feel the worst about is that we won’t be able to do the samaritan’s purse christmas boxes. i hope this will all be over for all of us in the next few years…

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