What I Miss About Having Money

Well, that title is a little misleading.  I have money to pay bills.  I just don’t have extra money for the wants in life.

I do have to admit that there are a few things I miss about not having any extra.

The biggest is giving gifts and being generous.  Granted, I still do my best in those areas, but it thrills me to be able to pick up someone’s lunch for the heck of it.  Or, to give an unexpected gift to pick someone up or brighten their day.  And, I really like special occasions. I like to do birthdays and Christmas and anniversaries BIG and SPECIAL.  I can still be happy giving small and thoughtful and purchased with a coupon gifts, but friendships and family are valuable and I like to treat them as such when the occasion calls for it.

I also miss getting things that my son needs and things that I’d like for him to have.  Yes, I still buy him socks when he needs them and warm pajamas when the weather gets cool, but there are some outings I’d like to take him on, and classes I’d like for him to go to and clothes I think he’d look precious in that I have to just not think about and walk away from right now.  Honestly, that’s pretty tough for me.  I think any parent can relate.  We want our children to have the best in life.  I can say that he has the best love  parents can give.

Thankfully, I know that it’s most important to take care of the important things right now.  And, I know that this too shall pass.


2 responses to “What I Miss About Having Money

  • taliab5

    I totally understand how you feel. We have been there more than once. However, Carter always looks absolutely adorable no matter what he is wearing. And You dont need gifts to make people feel good (yes, they are nice and I totally agree what what youve said) but your friends, and Im sure your family, love you for you! Youre awesome, all by yourself. =)

  • Whitney

    I’m right with ya on the “wanting to do more for my kids” wagon. I so badly want to let Rachel take gymnastics classes… she would LOVE it, and I’m trying to find a way to work it into the budget, but most likely, it won’t happen until at least next fall.
    Then, I remember… that as long as your child knows you love them, things don’t matter. Carter knows you love him, regardless of the “extras” you can’t do right now.

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