What I’ve Learned From Being Broke: Part 3


Anyone who knows me or checks out my posts on Facebook knows that I am completely SOLD to using coupons for everything.  Yes, coupons take time.  Yes, brand loyalties have to be thrown out the window.  Yes, I had to completely change when I shopped, the way I shopped and how I planned my meals.  But, it’s all worth it.

This is what I know.  Manufacturers want you to be drawn to their products so they put out gobs of coupons.  There are very few things that you cannot find a coupon for if you are willing to do a little hunting.  The stores do NOT lose money if you give them a coupon.  They are reimbursed by the manufacturer.

I save anywhere from 40 – 65% on grocery, health/beauty and cleaning products every week because I take about 20 minutes before I shop to get organized.  Then, when I get home, I take about 5 minutes to see what stock up items I bought this week to plan meals for next week.  It found what works for me.

Jeff asked if, when we’re independently wealthy, I will go back to my old ways of shopping.  I said absolutely not.  For the small amount of trouble, there is no reason to pay retail prices again.  I get the same high saving money that I used to get spending money– and it makes me feel like such a smarty.

If you’re interested in trying it out, check out the new video tutorials on southernsavers.com There is definitely a strategy needed to save the big bucks and she’s got it!


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