What I’ve Learned From Being Broke: Part 2


When the money gets tight, and then it gets short, the priorities will have to be discussed.  We have never been ones to live an extravagant lifestyle.  We don’t buy expensive things just to drop brand names and we don’t get the latest, greatest and newest just because it’s out.  Even though, we have had to decide what things are important.  Here’s what we came up with.

  1. Cell phones are important. Data plans and extras on cell phones are not important.  Because Jeff uses his cell phone for business and I keep mine with me at all times while I’m out with Carter, we decided that this was a good expense.  We both need new phones, but that need hasn’t worked it’s way to the top of our priority list since they both continue to do that they were made to do:  make phone calls.
  2. TV is not important.  Does Jeff like to have ESPN?  Yes.  Do I like to watch Top Chef on Bravo?  Yes.  Are those things more important than paying for our house?  No way.  So, they’re gone.  So many positive things have come from this and the most important is more time to play with Carter.
  3. Entertainment can be free.  Sitting on our butts watching movie channels or Netflix wasn’t really quality time.  We can see that.  Yes, we still like to watch a good movie now and then, but the $1.00 Redbox movies once a month are just as good as the money we paid to have them delivered to our mailbox.  And, there are parks and places to hang out that don’t cost a dime.
  4. Going out to dinner one time in a week is plenty. We are former eat-out-every-meal-on-the-weekends people.  I thought it was my right, that I earned not having to cook for those days.  Eating out is a heckuva lot more special when you only do it once and it means something.  Each Sunday night our church “swarms” a local restaurant and we go every week.  I look forward to it all week long.  I know it will be a great time with friends and a great chance to meet new people.
    Plus, I could mention here that it’s a lot healthier and cheaper to eat at home.

I don’t feel like I’m missing any part of having a fulfilling life by cutting back on things that I once thought were so important to me.  I appreciate so many more of the small things in life now–laughing with friends, playing or reading with my son, quiet time in my house.


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