What I’ve Learned from Being Broke: Part 1


I’ve been meaning to write these posts for quite a while because I have TRULY learned a lot through our time of “financial struggle”.  And, since we’re not quite in the clear, I’m continuing to learn every day.

The first thing I learned is that people really don’t care.  I don’t at all mean that they don’t care that me or my family is going through a difficult time.  I mean:

  • People don’t care if I get my hair cut, colored, highlighted…or whether I even fix it.  Certainly, we’ve had to cut a few costs in the area of hair care.  My hair cuts are VERY spaced out, I am doing my highlights at home and we bought a cheap pair of clippers and I cut Jeff’s hair now.  My friends and “people” in general are still just as full of nice things to say about my hair.  In fact, I’ve found that if I do absolutely nothing to it, I get the most compliments.  Crazy.  I still don’t love the slight military high-and-tight feel that Jeff’s hair has to it right after I cut it, but it sure does save us about $40 a month.
  • People don’t care if I wear the same pair of jeans each time I see them. No one notices that I have not bought any nice, new, current clothing in over a year.  If I wear my favorite jeans every time I see them, no one cares or notices.
  • People don’t care that my shoes are ratty.  Not a single person laughs when I wear my black shoes that I’ve been wearing throughout 4 winters now.  In fact, I’m sure they don’t even notice my shoes.

The bottom line is: I am far more concerned about my appearance that other people are.  What people do notice is a kind smile, an encouraging word and a listening ear.

P.S.  Highlighted my own hair last night.  Here are the results.  I think it’s very Gwen Stefani.

More to come on the lessons of being broke.


7 responses to “What I’ve Learned from Being Broke: Part 1

  • taliab5

    I forgot to tell you…you always look great!! Highlights or no highlights, ratty shoes (that I have NEVER noticed, lol) and all. You rock it girl!! =)

  • taliab5

    First, I LOVE your hair! You did a great job! And who needs to pay to have it done when you can do it yourself or have a friend do it for free. =)
    Second, thanks for being so candid about these things. You are in inspiration! I really mean that.
    You ROCK girl!!!

  • Whitney

    Yep, I hear ya!
    I haven’t cut my hair in who-knows-how-long, and when I do get it cut, I go to Great.Clips or someplace. No fancy “do” for me!
    I’ve also convinced my little girl that “long princess hair” is what she wants, so we don’t ever get her hair cut either! 🙂

  • aspiringtobesomeone

    You have such a good attitude about these things…

    FYI: if you want even cheaper blonde hair… Sally Beauty Supply has bottles of Creme Developer for about $8 (That’ll last you a REALLY LONG TIME) and then you can buy packs of bleach for 3 dollars a pop… or you can just buy a bucket of bleach… (At the place) I don’t know how you do it… but that’s the easiest way I’ve found…

  • Beth

    This was a really encouraging post, Mandi. Thanks for sharing your lessons learned in the fire! It’s good to know that when it comes right down to it the smiles, encouraging words and listening ears are what matter!

  • laurenhansonwilliams

    love to ‘do!! i too have learned a lot from being broke but i can’t wait to hear more of your wisdom : P

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