Fun in October

I absolutely LOVE fall.  The leaves, the cooler, less-humid air, pumpkins, hay rides, the time change, warm drinks–I love it all.  I wasn’t sure how many fun, fall things we’d be able to do with Carter this year, but as I sat and looked at my “Oct 09” folder of photos, we really did alright.  Here are a few of the highlights.


We went to the pumpkin patch on a freezing cold day.  Carter loved, loved picking up and rolling around the pumpkins.


This one he did “All by myself” — his new, favorite phrase.  His pink nose is the only thing that gives away the temperature.


Me and my little guy.


We did a little decorating in the house for Fall.  He really likes this stuffed turkey that sits in the window.  See the little bow around his neck?  That’s no longer there.  I can’t imagine why.


Because of the weather, we had to go back a few days later for our hayride.  Don’t ask me what I was doing in this picture.  Probably running my mouth.


Carter and his buddy, Ryan.  I love this shot and the solemn expression on their faces.


They both got little pumpkins.  Carter carried his around for days.


We got brave and took Carter to his first Gamecock football game.  Any reservations I had about how he’d behave were gone after this.  He loved it!  About half way through the game, I was going to take him for a walk around the stadium and he wouldn’t have it.  “Go back and see the Gamecocks, Mommy.”  No kidding.  He said that.


As we were entering the stadium with Carter, we give our 2 tickets to the lady at the gate and she informs us that Carter must have a ticket.  I tell her that I’m sure that if the child is small enough to sit on your lap then they don’t need one.  She says no, that policy has changed.  So, we step out of line and are trying to figure out what to do.  A man in line a few spots back from us is outraged, “What?!?  You aren’t going to let that baby in?  Here, take my ticket.  I’ll go grab another one.  Here, I insist.”  Wow.  We were blown away, but we took it for sure.  Apparently he had some extra tickets because he came in and sat just a few rows above us.  We thanked him profusely!


Carter was so excited to get THIS CLOSE to Cocky.


On Halloween, we cut open our pumpkin, scooped out his guts, cut a face and put in a candle.  Carter wasn’t so into the gut-scooping, but he did love the glowing face when we were done.


That night we went to a Halloween party at Natalia’s house with lots of friends and lots of kids.  As you can see, Carter was a dragon.  This photo was taken about 10 seconds before the sky opened up and the rain poured down.


You can see some raindrops suspended in mid-air here as we make our first stop.  We were soaking wet (even with an umbrella) after about 5 houses, so we gave it up and called it a night.

Happy Fall, Halloween, Harvest (etc) Everyone!


3 responses to “Fun in October

  • Whitney

    oops, I meant dragon… Eli is in to dinosaurs right now… it’s on the brain! 🙂

  • Whitney

    He is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!
    Oh my… love the dinosaur costume!

  • taliab5

    So much fun!! I love Fall too!! It still amazes me how times like this, Halloween, and the holidays, take on a whole new meaning with kids. As much as I sometimes miss the drunken debauchery days of Halloween and New Year there really is nothing to compare to seeing your kids repeatedly get excited about about pumpkins, candy, turkeys coming out of the oven, presents, and banging pots and pans to ring in the new year. It really is an amazing feeing. Isnt it fun!!

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