I have been working on our taxes for days now…maybe 6.  Let it be known that I am no accountant and the process for filing taxes for a self-employed person really probably requires the expertise of an accountant.

After 3 days, I got the first (however incorrect) feeling that I was almost done.  I got to the last step that is entering all of Jeff’s business expenses on a Schedule C so that the government can decide whether to he’s had a gain or a loss this year.  Normally, we have so many deductions that it’s easily a loss and we end up paying no taxes and getting money back.  So, this last step is pretty important since at this point Turbo Tax is telling me we owe nearly $6000.00.  Yikes.

Well, I click NEXT on the screen and get a message that I’ll need to upgrade to their new “Home and Business” version for 40 more bucks.  I sleep on this decision and after looking at the actual forms and instructions from the IRS website, I shell out the money.  I make it through to the end on Wednesday (the 14th) evening.  We still owe almost $1600 that we don’t come close to having.  I try to talk to Jeff about how to pay it and he says that we just won’t.  We’ll treat it like the numerous other companies that want our house payment and more each month and we’ll just not pay them right now.  This makes me a little nervous because I’m certain the Federal Government will not just forget about it.

So, I start printing our returns.  47 pages, 2 copies–so nearly 100 to print.  The first copy comes out fine, thank goodness.  But, during the second copy for our records the printer STOPS and says I have no ink.  Well, I have this no-so-fancy wireless printer that I recently bought that, I’m finding out, does not print ONE MORE LINE after the ink is low.  You have to buy another one to make it work again.

This morning I head over to’s where I always get my cartridges refilled.  I find out they don’t refill this one.  I’m off to Wal-Mart next door to get a new one.  I buy it for twice the price of refilling and come home to finish my printing.  I open the box and the foil bag inside is ALREADY open and it’s obvious that the cartridge is empty, but someone has placed the blue tape back over to make it look new.  What the heck?  How am I supposed to now prove to Wal-Mart that I was not the jerk who put the empty cartridge in there and then took it back to Wal-Mart?  I have no idea how to prove to them that it was this way when I opened it.  But, I also have no intention of paying yet another $21 for an ink cartridge to render my printer operable again.

Here I sit at 3:14 on the day the taxes need to be mailed with a sleeping baby and a stuck printer.


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