I’m a planner, really.  If things get hairy for me, I make a new plan and stick to it like crazy until something shakes out and feels better.  I usually plan exactly what I’m going to write, but this one is unplanned.  I just want to write, so I’m going to go with it.

Level of predictability in parenting a 2 year-old:  ZERO

If the scale could go negative, it should.

I’m in such a frustrated place with Carter.  I had a baby and he was an easy, easy baby.  Then, all of a sudden, he’s a little boy.  He requires discipline and all kinds of patience.  He’s smart as a wip and totally knows how to get to me already.  He’s already doing the thing where when I ask him not to do something, he looks right at me with a stone face and does it again!

And, he can speak really well.  I’m exaggerating only a little when I tell you that he can say anything.  He doesn’t talk in all environments and he doesn’t always use words in the right context, but he can communicate pretty easily.  Well, he knows it gets to me when he stops talking.  He’ll get into something he’s not supposed to and he’ll communicate only in baby sounds and fake laughing.

He gets stuck on NO and will say it for hours.

I taught in his class at church Sunday night.  Big mistake.  He was very ill-behaved and I felt like I should be doing something more to help him learn to behave.

On the one hand, I wonder if my expectations are too high.  On the other, I’m afraid I’m being too lax already.

This is all new territory for me and I’ve got to learn to handle it and handle myself.  It’s tough to get ideas from books to work.  Because they’re just ideas.  Each child is different and needs their own “plan” for discipline.  I haven’t figured out what works with Carter yet.  His behavior doesn’t worry me as much as my inability to do anything about it and help him through what is an obviously frustrating time in his little world.

Anybody got this figured out?  How did you make the shift from baby to toddler?


4 responses to “Unplanned

  • taliab5

    Thats the mommy brain taking over. =)

  • taliab5

    I agree with Whitney when she says, be consistant (I think that is more key than how you discipline) and the fact that there is no formula. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that each kid needs their own plan. I say just try things out for a while and see if it works. Take all of the ideas you get from school, church, friends, books, etc and see where they take you. You will come up with something that works. I promise. =)

    • mindofmandi

      I think I’m starting to finally make some strides in this area. Instead of trying to apply some formula to my child (as teachers are taught to do), I’ve started to figure what actually works with HIM.

  • Whitney

    There is not any formula. Anyone who says they have it “figured out” is lying. It’s hard, every time it happens. I’m currently on my second “baby to toddler” transition, and because kids are different, the situation is different.
    The only advice about discipline I have to give is actually something I took to heart out of a sermon this past Sunday:
    Don’t discipline based on your emotional state.
    🙂 Harder said than done, but when done… is great.
    I guess I have two pieces of advice: also… be CONSISTANT! 🙂

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