2 Years With Carter

My sweet boy turned 2 the last week of August.  This is a little tribute to his life in pictures: one picture from each month of his life.

Sept. 3 040

Carter’s first month was spent perfecting his cuteness.  This picture was taken at 6 days old.

Carter 095

We were blessed with smiles shortly after he turns one month.  Oh, the lengths we went to for smiles from Carter!

Carter 112

One of the many funny expressions of Carter.  It was tough to catch them, but this one I GOT when he was 2 months old.

Carter 081

At three months, we celebrated our first Christmas together.  We turned Carter into our little candy cane.

Carter 007

Carter has always been a great sleeper for us–he gets that honestly.  At 4 months we were blessed with his beginning to sleep ALL night.

Carter 170

We were heavy into baby food at 5 months and teeth started to emerge.  He loved having something in his hands to knaw on.

Carter 003

At 6 months, Carter was still our little cuddle bug. I miss those days!

Carter 132

Carter learned to roll at 7 months.  He loved it so much, he stuck with it for over 4 months!

Carter 001

We took Carter to the park at 8 months and this began his love of the outdoors, swings and slides.


Carter discovers watermelon at 9 months and ate an incredible amount of it that summer.


At 10 months, Carter pulls himself up.  He’s pretty proud of himself and finds he can get his hands on LOTS more fun things around the house.


At 11 months, this is the most out of control we let Carter’s hair get.  We broke everyone’s hearts by cutting it shortly after his first birthday.


After he turned 1, we got into all the previously forbidden foods and he loved them!


I just had to share one shot of his birthday party.  He knew JUST what to do with his cake.


In addition to a haircut at 13 months, Carter also discovers pumpkins and begins to take steps.  He wanted to take them all home and had to pick up each one to try.


I love this picture of Carter on Election Day.  He’s 14 months old and still walks with his arms swinging.


15 months old brings Christmas, our Christmas tree and lots of words.


Carter is beginning to like being around other children and he attends his first birthday party at 16 months.


This is the age of exploration, indeed.  17 months brought a newfound curiosity for getting into and pulling out everything.  This little scene appeared while I went to the bathroom.


Carter first SNOW at 18 months.  He’s smiling here, but it really freaked him out.


At 19 months we went strawberry picking.  I think he ate more than he put into the basket.


The word of the month when Carter was 20 months was IMITATION.  He began wanting to do (and say) everything we did.


Here’s another great example of that at 21 months.  “Play dolf”, he says.


Carter loves hats!  He puts them on and insists on wearing them out.  This winter hat made its appearance at 22 months old in the heat of summer.


This is a picture of my little helper.  Even at 23 months old, he’s willing to help with whatever he can..in fact he sometimes insists: “Mommy, I do it.” or “I caaaaaaane help!”


At 2, he “gets” birthdays.  He was excited about cake, blowing out candles and presents.

I really sit here amazed as I’ve taken this little trip myself through all his changes and all the things he’s learned and experienced in his life so far.  It’s all been so much fun for me to watch and help with.  I’m looking forward to all the years to come!  They are all my favorite.  🙂


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