Going Bananas

Carter turned 2 last Friday and I went a little crazy planning a monkey themed party for the kids and then a family dinner an hour later.  I really had to stretch and get in touch with my crafty side.  My first touch was the invitations based off the template here.

Here are some pictures from the big day:


I started mid-week by making these sugar cookies with royal icing.  They all look different because I couldn’t find a banana cookie cutter and ended up cutting them all by hand.  Unfortunately, 2 hours was not enough time for the royal icing to harden fully, so once they were in the bags the brown lines got mushed.


My first non-box birthday cake and it was a doozy from Ms. Martha Stewart.  The cake was banana and the icing was buttercream.  I bought decorator tips, gel colors, meringue powder and borrowed all types of stuff from my dad who is a cake making pro.  New territory, indeed.  This cake was for our family dinner on Saturday.


Then, I used the same cake and icing recipes for the monkey cupcakes that were for the kids party on Saturday.  But, apparently my icing wasn’t stiff enough to hold up the mini reece cup ears that were pictured.  Jeff is enjoying eating up the mistake.


Carter really loved the chocolate icing.

IMG_3478In this picture, you can barely see the 3 foot blow up monkey that I found at Party City.  Carter woke up on Saturday and saw him sitting in the playroom.  He walks right up to him, picks him up and says to us “I love him” then hugs and kisses him.  So cute.  It was a really breezy day to have an outdoor party.  My homemade decorations didn’t fare too well.  I cut circles out of cardstock and used letter stickers to stick them to ribbon, spelling out “Happy Birthday Carter”.  I tied 5 coordinating 1/4 width ribbon pieces to thin ribbon to make some garland.  Then, I cut varying lengths of streamer to make streamer curtains to hang on either side of the patio.


All the kiddos got monkey plates to eat off of and take home with them.  And, I made the table runners using brown wrapping paper with yellow dot stickers.  We ate:  monkey cupcakes, monkey mix (dried tropical fruit and chocolate chips), pretzels and banana splits.

IMG_3493Not a great picture, but I love his face!  He’ll never forget the word “Present”.

IMG_3499We made it to the end of Party #1.  Though, Carter’s face says it all–IT’S EXHAUSTING!

IMG_3502In an hour, we transferred everything next door to my parent’s for the family party.

IMG_3520Getting geared up to blow out his candles!  We had been practicing for this all week.


2 responses to “Going Bananas

  • Whitney

    LOVE IT!!! Everything turned out so cute!

  • Lauren

    isn’t that fun! i love planning my kids’ parties. the only non-fun thing is that none of the guests, not even your child, care as much about it as you do! at least in my experience. however, carter looked like he really appreciated all your efforts! birthdays are my fave 🙂

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