A Note From the Beach

I actually did it.  I walked away from schedules and work and just came to the beach.  I confess that as we drove here in the wee hours of the morning I pouted a little and went through all manner of bad scenarios in my mind of what could happen to Carter–not injuries or death or anything that deep, just lack of naps and being able to eat whatever.  Finally, I came to an important conclusion: 5 days is not forever, but the effects for me will be farther reaching that Carter missing a nap or eating a cookie for dinner.  So, I gradually came out of it.  And, walking into this incredible place we’re staying and stepping into the warm sand while the waves splash around me allowed me to finally LET GO of it all.

No schedules, no clocks, no deadlines have all been incredibly relaxing.  We are sleeping when we’re tired, eating when we’re hungry and drinking when we’re thirsty (HAHA).  I’m still thinking of my boys every day, but I’m trying to hold onto each moment that’s mine and mine alone while I’m here.

Photo 17

The view from my computer on the table in the kitchen.  Ahh.


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