Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Carter and I are home from the beach.  I just completed the first night back from a trip nightmare of a bedtime routine.  Well, it wasn’t a nightmare, just a little challenging.  While we were at the beach, Carter and I slept in the same bed (for the first time ever) in the back of this permanent camper thing.  Basically, it was like camping with a/c–which is one amenity I was very thankful for.

Putting all the awkwardness of taking Carter to the beach for the first time without my husband and without my parents aside, Carter really enjoyed himself by the end of the trip.  At first, he was none too keen on the whole waves and loud water thing that the ocean had going on.  But, he quickly discovered that the endless supply of damp sand made up for the scary water.  While he played, I’d keep walking out into the water to show him it was ok.  Finally, he got curious and came out himself.  He was enjoying it, then he got distracted and a wave knocked him face-first into the water.  Not good.  Salt water in the eyes and mouth made for the end of our time on the beach that day.  Here are a few shots of day 1 at the beach:




I don’t know if they were related, but on the way to dinner at Mur.rell’s Inlet, Carter fell asleep and woke up with a nasty fever.  He didn’t eat much and we picked up Tylenol on the way back.  One dose and some serious sleeping knocked it right out and day 2 was much nicer.

Since the idea of the beach sent Carter to tears, we went to a little play area at the campground that morning and all nearly melted from the heat.  After about 30 minutes of playing, we decided to head out and about in town.  We went to Broad.way at the Beach and popped into a few stores before having lunch at Senor Frogs.  After lunch we found the cutest toy store and none of us wanted to leave.  The afternoon was filled with a 3 hour nap and strong thunderstorms.  I think it was the storms that kept him sleeping for as long as he did.

When he woke up, we took a walk on the 1500 ft. pier.  Seeing the ocean from up above amazed Carter.  Then, we went back down to the beach and had a great time!  The storms had cooled everything off.  He still wanted NOTHING to do with the water, but the shells and sand were plenty entertaining.  I just enjoyed watching my cute little guy playing on the beach.  We went back to the “house” and had some dinner and returned to the pier for line-dancing classes.  I hated I didn’t bring my camera for this because after watching me for a few songs he joined in.  He was so CUTE trying to slide to the right and slide to the left, then stomp his feet and shake his booty.  The cutest part was how SERIOUS he was about it.  He caught the attention of a little girl his age who was a little too pushy.  She kept trying to hold his hands but he would have none of it.  Good boy.


The hot-as-whatever playground.


Walking across the bridge at Broad.way with Nana and PaPa.


Checking out the waves below.

IMG_3367(Proof I was actually there)


The pier in the background.


Headed back out.


The shot makes me hate that I was switched over to black and white for so long.  The lighting was perfect.

We had a lot of fun, but one thing’s for sure:  It’s great to be home.

My mother-in-law asked me what I was going to do at the beach when I go with my friends next week.  I was honest with her:  lay on the beach, eat and drink a lot.  I can’t wait!


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