Beach Bound

When the summer began, I was certain that our current financial status would not allow us to see the beach this year.  And, we aren’t going to be able to go as a family, but in the next 2 weeks I’ll be beach bound on 2 separate occasions.

The first trip begins in the morning.  I’m going with Jeff’s parents to Myrtle Beach to stay in a pop-out camper sort of thing in a fancy campground place on the beach.  I’ve been assured there is A/C and some semblance of a bathroom–because this city gal just don’t rough it.  I’m a little on edge about these two days I’ll be spending with Jeff’s parents (without him).  I’ve never gotten the feeling that they like me all that much and as a result I’m rarely comfortable or myself around them.  And, I know they’d rather I not go.  Weeks ago they asked if they could take Carter to the beach.  Our question was:  Alone?  Yes, that was their intention.  Well, we weren’t going for that.  There are just too many risks around water and we wanted to be there for his FIRST TIME on the beach.  So, they conceded and invited us along.  Because of work, Jeff can’t go.  So that leaves me as Carter’s “chaperone”.  Despite the tension, hopefully the beach will bring out the best in all of us and we’ll have a great time watching Carter experience something for the first time.

I’ll come back on Thursday, then take off again on Monday.  This time I’ll be headed to Amelia Island, FL with friends–no children, no husbands.  I’ve only ever dreamed of doing something like this!  I honestly can’t remember what it feels like to be “responsibility free”.  I don’t crave it or anything, but I think it’ll be nice to feel for about 5 days.  I’ve been told the house is pretty amazing–7 stories (uh huh, SEVEN) with an elevator — right on the beach with private balconies for each bedroom.  I’d imagine there will be much wine, much eating and much fun had by all.

In the end, I may just manage to scare some of the stark whiteness right off of me!

Pictures will be coming…


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