Meet “Baby”

Wednesday evening Jeff brought an abandoned little yellow tabby home from work.  One of his clients found 4 of them near his house and Jeff called to ask if we’d like to rescue one.  Of course, I said yes.  Despite by promises of never having another animal live in my house again, I just could not turn this little cutie down.

I wish I’d been faster with the camera, but I wasn’t there to get Carter’s first reaction when he saw this little thing.  He reached up and gasped, “KITTY!” and held it in his arms.  He then started talking so fast that his brain couldn’t keep up.  It came out as gibberish, but I know he was expressing some serious love for the kitty.  It was nasty and covered in fleas, so he and Jeff gave it a bath in the sink.  After that, it was much more presentable.  It also has some back legs issues.  Don’t know if it’s just weak from malnourishment, but I’m hoping to see some improvement there.  We’re guessing the little girl is about 6-7 weeks old.


She’s such a good sport for not freaking out when Carter carries her around the house in a variety of different acrobatic poses.  We’re giving him lessons on how to properly pick up a kitty and how to carry it comfortably.


This morning he was intent on the kitty laying in his bed and going to sleep.  Here he’s pointing and saying “SHEEP!”


He eventually went for “modeling” the appropriate behavior.  She considered it an invitation to play.


His final attempt was to give her his big brown bear and his blankie.  “Bear, Banky, Sheep Kitty”  No luck.  🙂  Later in the day he saw that she really likes to sleep in the bed we made for her inside a little box.  And, we made a litter box for her.  I explained that was where she’ll poop and pee and that he is not to touch it.  So, now he calls it the “Poop Pee Box”.


In the afternoon, I tried to talk to Carter about a name for our new family member.  Here’s how it went.

Me:  Carter, we need to decide what to name the kitty.
Carter:  Name.
Me:  What should her name be?
Carter: Soot. (The name of our outside kitty)
Me:  That might be confusing if both kitties have the same name.  Can you think of a different name for this kitty?
Carter:  Baby.
Me:  You want to name the kitty Baby?
Carter:  Yeah.  Baby kitty.

So, we’re calling the kitty Baby.  It really fits her.


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