Yesterday afternoon was a relaxing day at home for me and Carter Bug.  He’s always been pretty creative with how he entertains himself around the house, but this one took the cake for sure.

Carter has had a good bit of exposure to guitars.  My brother plays guitar and let’s Carter strum it whenever he wants.  Carter sometimes watches the worship team practice at our house and loves to play Brad’s electric guitar.  Last Christmas he got his only mini guitar for Christmas, which he broke a short time after that.  I play ALL types of music (except for country, which is yuck) for Carter and when he’s ready for more he says “song”.

Yesterday, he pulled the plunger out from behind the potty in his bathroom (it’s clean, don’t freak out) and brought it into the living room.  Then, he took the cord to my computer charger and wrapped it around his shoulder.  I’m not sure if that was meant to function like a strap or like a cord to plug in an electric guitar to an amp.  At any rate, he spent over an hour pretending to play “guitar” in our living room.  He strummed, he danced, he laughed and I loved it.  This is the first time I’ve really seen Carter use his imagination and invent something from objects around the house.  I’m a proud Mama.


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