Looking for The Forest

Tonight on the way home from staff meeting, I was pondering “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”  That’s me all the way.  I am such a details person that I constantly have to remind myself of the big pictures…or the forests…in my life.  I’m always focusing on the steps and the daily routines and my weekly schedule that I tend to lose focus on the importance of my roles in life.

Even though every day I change diapers, wipe up messes, pick up toys, play games, read stories and teach lessons; it’s not about all that.  I am a mother who is raising a little boy into a big boy into a man.  Every small step I take affects who he’ll be in some small way.  And, though the ways are small, the life is HUGE.

And, every day I do laundry, clean a house, cook meals and offer an ear to listen (the other one is listening to what the little boy is doing) but I am a home owner and a wife to a wonderful man.  Keeping this house clean and cooking meals for the people who live in it blesses them and makes them happy.  In this I can so easily get bogged down with the little problems that pop up–paying bills, arguments, fussiness.  The bigger picture makes those things seem so silly.

I create graphics, edit videos, organize children’s materials, go to meetings, discuss details, send emails, make phone calls.  I often get caught up in these things as they repeat each week in a particular order as they lead up to create environments for adults and children at church on Sunday.  But tonight, in particular, it occurred to me what a huge job I have been given.  I get to make Jesus real for young and old and help create a place for people to come and worship for an hour and a half each week.  That’s pretty huge.

I have all these awesome responsibilities in my life, but they are also awesome opportunities.

How’d I get so lucky?

What about you?  What “forest” do you need to see?


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