Happy Father’s Day, Jeff

I just wanted to give a little tribute to Jeff on Father’s Day.  He is such an amazing father and loves Carter without bounds.  He wants so many good things for him and would do anything for this little guy.  Jeff is really getting wrapped around his little finger as Carter is learning to speaking in 2 and 3 word phrases.  I have to admit, he really does say and do the cutest things.  I love black and white photography and it just so happens that my 3 favorite from Carter’s 21 Months old folder are black and white.

We had a very relaxing day together.  Both of our father’s are out of town right now–mine on a cruise in Russia and his back in a Alaska for a time–which leaves us blissfully free from familial obligations.  It also meant there was no one who wanted to cook for us.  So, for breakfast we had a country breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs and cheese grits.  Then, Jeff opened his cards and gift.  I was pretty thankful for a Kohl’s coupon that allowed me to afford to get him a sharp, mint green dress shirt for FD.  It rained for most of the morning, so we ran a few errands together and Carter conked out on the way home.  During his nap, I got to work on my bathroom striping project and Jeff watched the US Open.

We went to church and it wasn’t in the budget to go out to eat, so we came back here and ate a pretty nasty frozen pasta thing my grandmother gave us yesterday.  Then, we invited the great-grandparents over for ice cream (frozen yogurt, really, but we don’t tell them that) on the back patio.  The day wasn’t overly special, but so nice and SLOW anyway.

IMG_2985Like father, like son.  He already wants to be just like his Daddy.  Today Carter learned to say “golf” as they watched the US Open together.

IMG_3012A memory from our trip to Ceasar’s Head last weekend.  Jeff and Carter are standing on Bald Rock and Jeff is showing Carter where Ceasar’s Head is off in the distance.

IMG_3021Jeff is the only person Carter will do this with.


2 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, Jeff

  • Lauren

    the pics are too cute!

  • Whitney

    What a great Father’s Day… minus the nasty pasta dish, of course!
    I love black and white pictures too. We went to the coast a little while ago, and for the scrapbook page, I ordered all black and white! They just turned out so classic looking…
    Have a good week!

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