Oh, How I Hate Bugs

I know, I know, they have some grand purpose here on earth–but do they really have to come in my house?  This is a PEOPLE zone.  There is no help in my home that I need from bugs–especially spiders and ants.  Here’s my 2 fun-filled bug experiences from the past 2 weeks:


The Black Widow:

Oh my goodness, just looking at that beast makes my skin crawl and my insides shake.

A few weeks ago we decide to have dinner outside on the back patio after it had rained.  The rained cooled things off nicely and it was the perfect night to be outside.  But, the patio furniture was wet.  I brought out some of our guest towels to sit on (because they’re the only ones that are the big, huge bath sheet size).  After we cleaned up from dinner, I left them out there.  For the next 5 days, we had bad storms and a lot of rain.  The towels blew off of the chairs and fell in little soggy heaps on the ground.  Sunday night after we’ve unloaded the car after church, we’re waiting on the grandparents to come over for dinner.  I have time to kill, so I decide to sweep the back porch and patio, rearrange furniture (because that’s just what I do–just ask Jeff) and tidy up.  I pick up the 2 still-soggy towels and take them into the laundry room to be washed on Monday–because that’s when I do laundry.


Monday morning rolls around and Carter goes into the laundry room to get his scoop of cat food to feed Soot (our cat).  He stands right beside the towels.  (Can you see where this is going?)  Check out how close his feet and the cat are to the navy towels in the floor.

Just before I go to my staff meeting on Monday, I finally get around to washing the load of towels.  So, I pick them up again to put them in the washing machine.  When I come home from the staff meeting, I open the lid to the washing machine and all the blood rushes from my face.  There is a black widow spider the size of the one in the picture.  It has built a web around the agitator of my washing machine and is just staring at me.  I find out that they like to be in dark, damp spaces.  Yeah, my soggy, navy towels that I touched twice and Carter stood right next to.  I’m not even going to look up the effects of a black widow bite on children and adults.  Seriously, I don’t want to know.  I’m just so glad that God protected us from whatever harm could have been done to our family.

On a side note, Jeff had a fantastic time killing the beast.  I didn’t watch, but it involved chemicals, sharp objects, fire and our toilet.  The nasty thing put up quite a fight.

ants-insects-photoThe Gazillion and One Ants:

This past Sunday we leisurely got up and ate our breakfast.  We played with Carter some, then I went to take my shower.  When I left the kitchen, there were no ants in it.  When I came back not even 1 hour later, they were everywhere.  They were in my foyer, half-bath, laundry room, breakfast nook, kitchen, around the bar and just going into Carter’s playroom.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like bugs?  Well, this little situation nearly caused a breakdown.  I’m in a rush to get things done for church that evening (have I mentioned that my church only has church on Sunday evenings?  Love it.) because we’ve been out of town for 2 days and seeing this sends me into a little tizzy.  I do not have time to deal with a gazillion ants, yet I am paralyzed to do anything else until they are out of my house.  So, Jeff heads outside to spray off the area where they’re coming in at lightning speed and I am inside armed with the suction attachment and the vacuum cleaner.

I start from the farthest point out and work my way in and it seems like the more I suck up the more I find crawling in their neat little lines.  I’m wondering how they got the word out to all their friends so quickly!  They are finding every speck and sticky spot on the floors and counters.  After about 45 minutes, I make some headway and start wiping down all the baseboards and doorways with bleach water.  I had no idea if this would work, but bleach seemed like the most offensive chemical I had in the house.  Then, I moved all the furniture out and mopped like a crazy woman.  In the midst of my vacuuming and mopping, Carter falls and hits his cheek on something and is being very needy.  So, picture me with a screaming baby on my hip and a mop in the other hand.  It’s very 1950’s minus the checked apron and super-cute hair flip.  The high point of this mess was that my house smelled fantasticly clean when it was all over.  Poor emotionally-drained and still-crying Carter was given his lunch after all this and immediately threw it in the floor.  Not a good idea.  He got to see a very frustrated Mommy.  After the mopping, I only caught a few more stragglers and we’ve been ant-free since then.

Hello, I’m Mandi and I have bug issues.


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